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The Natural UTI Cure that Stops Urinary Tract Infections for Good

After eight recurrent urinary tract infections, Jenna Ryan created a supplement blend that healed her and thousands of women.


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“Oh no…” Jenna Ryan cringed, her heart sinking as the familiar burning pain of another urinary tract infection (UTI) flared. It had been months of what she now feared would be a never-ending cycle: The painful sting and pressure that precipitated a doctor’s visit for antibiotics. And then, when her UTI had cleared, a yeast infection, followed by another UTI.

Each time, Jenna received the same advice from her doctors: Drink water, try cranberry juice. But nothing is working! she despaired, as she realized it wasn’t that her doctors didn’t care, there just wasn’t a UTI cure or any way of preventing them.

But when doctors suggested a daily antibiotic to prevent her UTIs, Jenna knew she had to do something. So she began doing her own research, and discovered that urinary tract infections, which frequently are caused by the bacterium E. coli, were not as uncommon as she thought.

“It’s the second-most common infection in the United States,” she told her fiancé, Spencer. “It affects half of all women!”

Half of all women with no way to prevent it, Jenna marveled. “Maybe with my expertise in e-commerce and your work in biochemistry, we can find the answer,” she enthused, feeling hopeful.

Sharing the UTI Cure

Getting to work, Jenna and Spencer soon found compelling research: D-mannose, a simple sugar related to glucose that’s found in many fruits, had been effective in decreasing UTIs by clearing the urinary tract of E. coli and citric acid. With this information, Jenna began consulting with physicians to create a powder of D-mannose and other vitamins that she added to her water daily. “It’s amazing!” she told Spencer after a few days of drinking the blend. “I think I finally broke the cycle — I have to share this with others!”

Naming their new company Uqora, Jenna and Spencer began to sell their powder supplement formula, called Target ($30), to women across the U.S.

After setting up clinical trials to elevate their research, the duo also created two more products: Control ($30), a pill that cleanses biofilm from the urinary tract, and Promote ($30), a probiotic to balance the vaginal microbiome. As the positive reviews came pouring in, Jenna knew they’d struck a chord.

“This product saved my life!” one woman shared. “My UTIs are gone-thank you!”

“I keep my Target supplement with me at all times,” shared another. “Thanks for giving me my peace of mind back!”

Today, Jenna’s products have helped more than 60,000 women fight back against UTIs, and Jenna herself has been UTI-free since 2015. “I always thought I was the only one experiencing this,” she says. “But after discovering how many women were suffering, I wanted to let them know they weren’t alone and give them somewhere to turn. Helping women get their lives back…there is no better feeling!”

Uqora Complete System

get the set

$52 (monthly subscription)
$80 (one-time purchase)

Set includes:

  • 1 month supply of Control (take daily)
  • 1 month supply of Promote (take daily)
  • 10, 20, or 30 packets of Target (depending on your needs)

This story originally appeared in our print magazine.

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