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These Ultra-Thin Incontinence Pads Put an End to Your Worst Bladder Leakage Fears – Finally!

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Picture this: You’re at a big event – your daughter’s wedding, your son’s graduation, a fancy dinner with friends – when you suddenly realize you’ve “had an accident.” (Translation: You’ve had a bladder leak and your gorgeous red dress – the one you bought special for this occasion – shows a large, wet, stain on your derrière.) Your bladder leakage pad clearly didn’t work. The nearest bathroom is at least 50 yards away, and you don’t have a coat you can put on or a scarf you can casually wrap around your waist to cover the offending spot. (And, let’s be honest, would you be fooling anyone if you did?)  

Should you have worn one of the boat-sized bladder leakage pads stuffed in the back of your bathroom cupboard? The ones hidden behind the towels so you’re not reminded each day that you’ve arrived at the age of incontinence. Probably. But they’re so bulky and grim, and they make you feel so unfeminine. Also, you’ve tried what seems like every bladder leakage liner and incontinence pad known to man, and all of them have either leaked or irritated your skin. Ahh… middle age. Isn’t it fun?  

Bladder leaks don’t have to be a problem.

The truth is that you don’t have to wear a bulky pad to feel protected from incontinence. TENA Intimates, for example, are thin, breathable, and (strange as it may sound) almost delicate.  

But don’t let the thin appearance fool you. TENA Intimates Pads are intelligently designed for complete protection without the bulk. A Triple Protection top sheet absorbs liquid quickly to help keep you dry and odor-free.; a super absorbent core protects against heavy bladder leakage and surge incontinence; and ProSkin Technology makes them 100% breathable (so you always feel fresh and clean). Also, TENA Intimates are kind to your skin – they’re both gynecologist and dermatologically tested.) 

TENA Intimates

DRY, discreet, kind to skin

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Why we love it:

  • Keeps you dry
  • 100% breathable
  • Gynecologist- and dermatologically tested

Do discreet AND effective incontinence pads exist?  

Now back to the big event and your red dress, wet spot dilemma…  

The bladder leaks pad you wore didn’t work. You have two options:  

  1. Remain seated until every last person at the church, auditorium, or dinner table has left (which will likely cause friends and family to think you’re a bit odd because you haven’t stood in three hours) 
  2. Cover your bum with your hands and contort your body in the least obvious “I’m hiding something” way, and make a run for it, vowing to wear black slacks and a patterned, knee-length coat every day for the rest of your life.   

Neither of these is reasonable.  

Thankfully, TENA Intimates gives you a third option: Prevent bladder leaks before they happen and avoid this situation altogether by wearing a TENA Ultra Thin Light Pad. (Remember, this is just a “for instance,” so we can rewind and fast forward as we like. If only real life were this way!)  

It’s so thin and so absorbent that no one will know, which means you aren’t confined to a life of patterns, prints, and basic black (because these are the clothes that cover accidents). Hello red dress! Hello dryness! Hello worry-free days and nights. (TENA Overnight Pads provide protection from heavy bladder leakage while you sleep, and there are even TENA Stylish underwear that actually look like underwear, with cute swirly designs, black “lace,” and what feels and breathes like cotton. Whatever your needs, TENA – literally – has you covered.)

There’s an alternative end to this bladder leaks tale.

So let’s rewrite this story: You’re at a big event – or just enjoying time in the garden, at the pool, on a walk – when you suddenly realize you’re calm, confident, and completely carefree. You haven’t had an “accident” in weeks. You’re not thinking only about whether today will be a “leak day.” You’re not carrying a sweater in summer because you might need something to wrap around your waist just in case. You’re dry, your skin isn’t irritated, and you’re focused on the things that matter. That’s TENA Intimates. They make embarrassing bladder leaks a thing of the past. 

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