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A Magnesium Soak For Feet Can Help Cure Tiredness, GI Problems — and More!

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Kristen Bowen sat in her wheelchair, fighting back tears. From the time she was a young girl, she’d struggled with lupus, celiac disease and depression. But after undergoing a simple bladder tie-up after the birth of her fourth child, the then-33-year-old’s health had spiraled out of control.

Kristen became severely fatigued; she was unable to eat and withered down to 80 pounds. And, most frightening, she began having daily seizures that forced her to use a wheelchair. I can’t live like this, she despaired. I need answers!

After nearly four years of going from doctor to doctor, a specialist uncovered the source of Kristen’s seizures: an allergic reaction to the titanium in her bladder sling, which happens in rare instances to people with autoimmune disorders.

Kristen had the sling removed, and her seizures stopped. But her health had slowly been destroyed. Weak, wracked by fatigue and struggling with digestive issues, Kristen wondered, Will I ever feel well again?

Then one afternoon, a friend dropped by saying she found something that she believed might help ease Kristen’s symptoms. “I heard magnesium boosts the immune system, and there’s a great, easy way for you to get some,” she said, explaining the mineral could be added to a relaxing footbath. Kristen was skeptical, but she let her friend fill a basin with hot water and mixed in a bit of liquid magnesium. Just 15 minutes into her soak, Kristin felt a tingling in her feet and knew that it was actually doing something…she just wasn’t sure what. With her curiosity — and hope—piqued, Kristen became determined to find out more.

The Miracle Mineral

Kristen dove into research and learned that every cell in the body contains magnesium and needs adequate amounts to function optimally. And when she also read that magnesium is needed to activate vitamin D—which plays a huge role in regulating autoimmune issues like the ones she has—and that stress depletes the mineral in the body, she knew she was on to something.

“I believe magnesium is the key to getting my health back,” she told her husband excitedly. And soon, Kristen began soaking her feet in a tub of warm water with 1⁄4 cup of liquid magnesium every day for 20 minutes. Within just a few weeks, her stress seemed to dissolve, her digestive issues completely stopped and her fatigue began to lift.

Kristen was so impressed and amazed, she decided to start creating her own natural magnesium-infused bath products, called Living the Good Life Naturally, and began selling them on

“I felt a strong desire to share my newfound knowledge,” says Kristen, who, today, at 53, still infuses baths and foot soaks with magnesium daily and feels better than ever. “Magnesium truly changed my life — I’d say it even saved it!”

How Magnesium Keeps Your Whole Body Healthy

It strengthens bones! Women who raise their intake of magnesium can lower fracture risk by 62%, reveals a study in the British Journal of Nutrition. Top sources include whole grains, avocado, spinach, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate.

It stops nighttime awakenings! University of Connecticut scientists say upping magnesium cuts overnight bathroom trips in half. Just mix 325 mg. of magnesium citrate (like Natural Vitality Natural Calm) into water twice daily.

It supercharges energy! A USDA study found that women low in magnesium had a harder time doing physical tasks. But upping the mineral revs energy so their bodies didn’t work as hard. For an energy boost, take 250 mg. before bed, then increase to 500 mg. after a month.

Magnesium supplements to try:

  • Good State Ionic Magnesium, $18.99, Amazon

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