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Delta-8 Dilation: Does Delta-8 THC Cause Red Eyes and Dilated Pupils?

Along with a “giggle fit” and “the munchies,” bloodshot eyes are a clear sign someone has been smoking THC-heavy weed. Does that mean delta-8 THC also provokes this “stoned” symptom?

Some people argue that delta-8 produces a milder “high” versus delta-9, but the similarities between these cannabinoids are striking. Understandably, many new customers wonder whether they should keep a few eyedrops nearby before trying their first delta-8 THC product.

So, Does Delta-8 Trigger Red Eyes?

Although delta-8 and delta-9 are separate compounds, they both seem to have a similar impact on our eyes. This means consumers will likely notice red and itchy eyes and dilated pupils when they take a delta-8-rich product. The severity of your eye symptoms will largely depend on your delta-8 tolerance and dosage. Some studies also suggest certain people have unique genes that may make them more susceptible to THC side effects like red eyes.

On a positive note, many scientists believe these THC relatives positively affect intraocular pressure (IOP). This finding is significant for glaucoma patients because they tend to have heightened IOP scores.

Soon, chemists may formulate special THC eye drops or topicals that help glaucoma patients naturally manage their IOP. However, there’s no medically approved way to use delta-8 or delta-9 THC for glaucoma today. Eye care patients shouldn’t experiment with these cannabinoids unless they have a registered doctor’s approval.

Most researchers believe delta-8 and delta-9 THC alter the circulatory system, which likely causes more blood to rush to the eyes. For a more in-depth report on THC and blood pressure, please check out this previous post on “Delta-8 & Heart Health.”

How Can Delta-8 Users Prevent Red Eyes?

There’s no “fast fix” for getting rid of red eyes due to delta-8 THC. Sure, many tokers keep a bottle of eyedrops nearby to reduce eye itchiness, but only time can fully erase your red eye symptoms. It usually takes hours for your red eyes to clear and your pupils to return to average size.

As noted above, everyone reacts to delta-8 differently. Some people may have red eyes for a few hours, while others may still notice remnants of this symptom the following day. So, if you don’t want others to know you’ve been using a delta-8 product, it’s best to schedule your session when you have plenty of time to rest at home.

Also, please stay well-hydrated to mitigate some of delta-8 THC’s side effects. Plan to drink extra water and hydrating beverages before your delta-8 session to reduce the odds of dealing with severe red eyes. While extra hydration won’t “prevent” delta-8 side effects, it could make them easier to manage.

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Customers can’t seem to get enough info on delta-8 THC products. Searches for “delta-8 near me” are climbing in Google Trends, and more hemp shops are now offering delta-8 on their shelves. However, since delta-8 is still a new phenomenon, there’s a lot of misinformation on this psychoactive cannabinoid.

At Real Tested CBD, we’re on a mission to spread accurate info on everything related to hemp. Since delta-8 THC has become so trendy, we’ve created a new Delta-8 Resource Center where you can find lab-verified data on delta-8 products. We also have plenty of unbiased reviews on hemp extracts from leading delta-8 brands. No matter what questions you have regarding delta-8 THC, you’re bound to find answers in our dedicated delta-8 portal.

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