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A Simple Way to Slim Your Waist, Reduce Bloating, and Increase Your Fat-Fighting Ability

This story was sponsored by SANESolution.

You’ve probably heard of probiotics and maybe even prebiotics, and all they can do for your health. Both pro- and prebiotics work in the gut to improve immunity, enhance digestion, and protect your brain. But we’re here to introduce you to POSTbiotics — the lesser-known ingredient that may just replace them both, while helping you shed those extra pounds. Especially the new patented POSTbiotic called TRIbutyrate.

Viscera-3: A Postbiotic Supplement

Probiotics are the “good” bacteria that live in your gut, which you can naturally increase by eating foods like yogurt, pickled veggies, and miso, or taking them in supplement form. Prebiotics act as the food for probiotic bacteria. Generally, these are found in fiber-rich foods and supplements. When we take them, experts say the benefits we get are actually from the POSTbiotics that are produced when prebiotics become fermented by probiotics in the gut. If you’re consuming enough pre- and probiotics, then essentially, POSTbiotics are the desired end product. Some examples of POSTbiotics are short-chain fatty acids, organic acids, bacteriocins, carbonic substances, and enzymes. 

With new research surrounding the benefits of POSTbiotics, we’re sure to see this become a rising trend in gut health. And sure enough, SANESolution has teamed up with experts to create a POSTbiotic supplement that contains the short-chain fatty acid Butyrate (or butyric acid). Researchers at Harvard call Butyrate the “optimal” POSTbiotic and studies have shown that it can “protect against diet-induced obesity” and improve gut health.   

Best Butyrate Supplement? Viscera-3

Until now, however, Butyrate has been hard to get because it’s known as an “unstable” molecule. But the Viscera-3™ TRIbutyrate POSTbiotic supplement uses a patented and more effective form of butyrate called TRIbutyrate, which is made up of three Butyrate molecules. What makes them more effective is that they are attached to a glycerin support molecule which improves transport and absorption by the body.

But how will this POSTbiotic supplement actually help you lose weight? In short, a healthier gut means a slimmer waistline. Issues like inflammation and imbalanced bacteria can cause uncomfortable GI symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation, and even fat accumulation. POSTbiotics have demonstrated an ability to combat all of these problems and, thus, heal your gut.

We hear the term “leaky gut” thrown around pretty often. What it actually means is that the mucous lining of your digestive tract is penetrable, allowing harmful toxins and pathogens to travel into your bloodstream and cause a slew of health problems including — you guessed it — weight gain. Butyrate has been shown to help fight a leaky gut and restore the intestinal lining. 

Additionally, studies show that POSTbiotics may have beneficial effects for lowering inflammation in the body, which can cause weight to pack on (particularly in the midsection). Interestingly enough, research also suggests that POSTbiotics could even help prevent and treat metabolic conditions like type 2 diabetes by improving how the body uses insulin!

Now back to those pre- and probiotics: SANESolution Viscera-3 TRIbutyrate can help you with your stomach issues AND help you slim down without having to take either. You can also say goodbye to eating all that extra fiber. The time-released triple-action POSTbiotics taken every morning when you brush your teeth will turn on your “slim gut switch,” leading to lasting weight loss and a lowered disease risk thanks to less bloating and stomach issues.

If you’ve struggled with potty troubles, these supplements could help you experience clean and consistent daily poops with increased energy, eliminating the extra “sludge” in your belly — and remember, Harvard doctors back up the power of Short Chain Fatty Acids for gut-health! Try it for yourself, and we’re sure your belly will thank you in more ways than one.  

As always, consult with your doctor before starting any new supplement regimen.


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This story was sponsored by SANESolution.

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