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“Red Light Therapy Cured My Knee Pain” — How One Woman Finally Found Relief

Osteoarthritis was severely limited Carol Avery’s life, making even simply walking difficult. After exhausting conventional remedies, the retired RN tired a unique treatment that worked wonders: red light therapy for knee pain. Keep scrolling to learn more about how it works and hear her inspiring story.

How pain held Carol back

“That’s it for me,” Carol sighed as she limped off the tennis court. From the first time she picked up a tennis racket seven years prior at age 58, Carol fell in love with the game. But a year into playing, she began experiencing osteoarthritis inflammation and pain in her knees.

Carol, a retired registered nurse, turned to OTC anti-inflammatory­ meds, along with applying ice, elevating her leg when resting and cutting back on court time. After months of no relief, Carol saw a doctor who prescribed Supartz (hyaluronic acid used to reduce inflammation caused by osteoarthritis), and later, cortisone and stem cell injections. (Learn how a torn meniscus can cause knee pain, too.)

She also spent hundreds of dollars on a myriad of knee support devices. Nothing had helped. After a few years, just walking was agony, and Carol feared for her future.

A bright idea: Red light therapy for knee pain

Then, about a year ago, a friend told Carol about a light therapy product that she used to ease her own arthritis pain. As a former nurse, Carol was interested in health technology. She did some reading and learned that red light (or near infrared light) has been proven to inhibit pain.

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As the light is held near or in contact with the skin, it triggers the mitochondria in the cells to create more energy so cells can heal better. This boost in healing and cell regeneration slashes inflammation, soreness and strain.


The light is believed to also improve circulation and fluid flow to further reduce swelling and discomfort, as well as increase amino acids and proteins to help restore, rebuild and replenish tissues.

Carol decided to give red light therapy for her knee pain a try and ordered the DNA VIBE Jazz Band Live that her friend uses. It was pricey, but it would be a one-time purchase and could be used on any part of the body. (You can also find less expensive red light therapy wraps available online.)

Carol began wrapping the band around her knee for 1 hour twice daily when she was watching TV or reading. The band felt warm and soothing, and after just two weeks, to her amazement, Carol was no longer feeling any pain!

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Carol can live her life again thanks to red light therapy for knee pain

Today, Carol, 65, plays tennis and pickle­ball regularly and continues to use her Jazz Band after playing. She rarely has episodes of pain. She also has a cordless power pack and car adapter that allows her to use the device if driving a long distance. (Click through to see how pickleball can ease depression and anxiety, too.)

“I want to continue my active lifestyle, and with my background, I know taking anti-inflammatory meds for extended periods of time is not the best option for my health, so it’s wonderful to have this easy, effective alternative,” Carol says.

“I know this is saving me thousands of dollars on treatments and medications. I’m very grateful my friend shared the idea with me. I’ve never felt better!”

Bonus natural cures proven to tame joint pain

Red light therapy worked for wonders for Carol. And here are more easy, med-free ways to ease pain:

Achy hands?

Massaging them with 2 drops of warm sesame oil, then wrapping them in a warm towel for 10 minutes cuts pain and stiffness by 59%. Credit goes to unique compounds in the oil that dial down inflammation.

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Painful back?


Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) eases back pain by 80%. To do: Make fists and hold for 5 seconds; open hands and focus on how relaxed the muscles feel; repeat with muscle groups throughout the body twice a day.

Sore shoulder?

Research shows heat dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow to the sore joint. Simply fill 2⁄3 of a long sock with uncooked rice, tie shut and microwave for 2 minutes; apply to your shoulder for 5 minutes three times daily.

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