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6 Ways to Get Younger Looking Eyes With Makeup

Adam Burrell is a makeup artist to the stars and advisor to the WINK panel for Bausch + Lomb. Below, he offers some makeup secrets for creating youthful eyes.

Your eyes can give away your true age. In fact, studies have shown that when strangers are asked to judge how old a person is, the eye area is one of the first things they look at. Knock off the years and give your eyes a youthful lift with our simple makeup tricks.

Banish Shadows

You may have noticed that the shadows around your eyes have become darker as you’ve got older. This is because the skin around our eyes gets thinner, making shadows look worse. Under-eye concealer is a must- have for younger looking eyes. Look for a liquid, light-reflecting concealer like this one from Maybelline New York ($7.25, Amazon). Dab on, then set with a matte powder to stop it sinking into crow’s feet,” says Adam. 

Your upper lids may also be shadowy, which can make you look tired. Even if you don’t want to wear other makeup, reach for a flesh-colored, creamy eyeshadow like this one from Clinique ($26.25, Amazon) that knocks out any darkness on your lids, making eyes look instantly fresher.

Add Sparkle

After menopause, your eyes can be drier, which may mean they’re prone to looking red and tired as well as feeling uncomfortable. Try an eye drop for dry eyes like this one from Visine ($7.53, Amazon).

To banish redness from the rims of your eyes, lightly trace a flesh-colored eyeliner pencil like this one from Rimmel ($9.99, Amazon) onto the waterline (the inner rim of your lower eyelid) — this has the added bonus of making your eyes look bigger. 

Lift Your Lids

It’s common for eyelids to droop with age and you’ll notice this most if you’ve always had a naturally hooded eye shape, where the skin just beneath your brow overhangs the moving part of your eyelid. 

Sagging lids can be very aging and make you look tired, but you can cheat your way to an eyelid lift with some clever make-up tricks. All you need is a smoky shadow like this one from Bourjois Paris ($10.17, Amazon).

“Use the darkest shade and a thin brush to draw a thin line along the root of your top lashes,” says Adam. “Then use the second darkest to create a smokiness around your lashes by blending the dark shadow upwards into the lightest brown color that you should apply close to your brows. Always curl your lashes (this works wonders) before applying mascara.” Try this curler from Tweezerman ($11.67, Amazon) and this mascara from Gosh Copenhagen ($39, Amazon).

Soften Lines

Crow’s feet are the first sign of aging and once you’re in your 50s they start to deepen. Smooth on an eye cream designed to soften the appearance of lines, like this one from Kleem Organics ($16.97, Amazon).  “Avoid using make-up on or near your wrinkles, especially anything shimmery,” Adam says. “But focusing on your eyes draws attention away from anything around them.” 

Use a smudgeable pencil in a dark brown, like this one from Maybelline New York ($3.99, Amazon) to line your eyes top and bottom. Use the smudger to soften and finish with mascara for  simple definition.

Get ‘Specs Appeal’

“You need to think slightly differently about eye makeup if you wear glasses,” says Adam. “Opt for a lightly defined eye — enough so your eyes aren’t lost in the lenses but not so much that there’s a battle between the glasses and the makeup.”

Open Up

“Brows also play a massive part in opening and lifting your eyes, so make sure yours are shaped well and lightly defined,” says Adam. You can do it yourself with tweezers following our guide:

  1. Hold your tweezers so the open end is pointing down and place them vertically alongside the outer edge of the top of your nose. The point where the top of the tweezers sits should be just above the inner corner of your eye and this is where each brow ends. Remove the stray hairs in between this point on each brow.
  2. Put the tweezers at an angle against your cheek so the open end is at the top of your nose while the other end reaches the outer corner of your eye. The hairs should end there, so pluck the rest.
  3. Now pluck any stray hairs beneath each brow, following the natural shape of the brow.
  4. Look straight ahead into the mirror and find the outer rim of your iris — the arch should be just above that. Remove a row of hairs from there to the outer edge of the brow and make sure the tail end of the brow comes to a soft point.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Yours.

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