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13 Father’s Day Books Perfect for the Dads in Your Life

These Father's Day books include exciting thrillers, superheroes and U.S. History — enjoy them all!

Americans will spend a whopping $22.4 billion on Father’s Day gifts this year. Whether you’re buying for a husband, dad, son, brother, friend or grandfather, dads are notoriously tough to shop for. Sure you could get him another tie, coffee mug or grilling accessories, but he likely has more than enough. A better idea? A book! Check out our list of Father’s Day books — order them now and they’ll arrive in plenty of time for the holiday! From John Grisham’s basketball novel Sooley to Stephen King’s latest thriller Holly plus nonfiction, sci-fi and more, you’re sure to find a book the dad in your life will love. Keep scrolling for more.

If he likes superheroes: try Voices From Krypton by Edward Gross

Voices From Krypton by Edward Gross

This collection of works features the complete and exclusive oral history of all the actors who have played Superman over the last 85 years, including Henry Cavill, Tom Welling and Zack Snyder, as well as details on the one with Nicholas Cage that never happened. A fun, exciting and heroic journey any superhero-fan is sure to love.

What readers are saying: ““When I heard that Woman’s World Entertainment Editor Ed Gross had written a book with exclusive interviews I knew I had to check it out,” shares Carissa Mosness, Woman’s World Assistant Digital Editor. “As someone who loves superhero movies, this book was a super fun and interesting read!”

If he’s a girl dad: try Dad Camp by Evan S. Porter

Dad camp by Evan S. Porter (fathers day books)

This heartwarming tale follows father-daughter duo John and Avery. John hopes that by dragging his preteen daughter away to a “father-daughter week” at a remote summer camp their relationship will finally get back to what is was — the two of them being best friends and doing everything together. But when he gets there, John learns that sometimes summer camp isn’t all its cracked up to be. What follows is a battle of love, family and friendship.

What readers are saying: “I rarely have the chance to read about fathers and daughters and how their relationships can develop. I loved Porter’s perspective in Dad Camp. He’s a superb storyteller. Well done, and it’s a beautiful book.”

If he likes science-fiction: try Recursion by Blake Crouch

Recursion by Blake Crouch
Ballantine Books

This mind-bending tale follows NYC detective Barry Sutton, who is investigating a new pathogen that is affecting the population. It’s dubbed “False Memory Syndrome,” whereby those suffering are consumed by memories of a life they never lived, driving them to madness or death. Sutton teams up with neuroscientist Helena Smith, and they find that this syndrome isn’t caused by a pathogen at all, but rather a much more sinister source. Together, they race to undo the damage being caused.

What readers are saying: “A few years ago, I read and loved Blake Crouch’s novel Dark Matter, so I knew this book would be another mind-bending sci-fi adventure,” says Heather Liang, Woman’s World, Senior Copy Editor. “The action had me turning pages at rapid speed!”

If he likes being spooked: try Holly by Stephen King

Holly by Stephen King (father's day books)

Bestselling author Stephen King’s latest novel marks the return of beloved character Holly Gibney, from the Bill Hodges trilogy. When Penny Dahl desperately calls the Finders Keepers detective agency hoping for help locating her missing daughter, Holly is reluctant but agrees to take the case. Soon, Holly is drawn into a puzzle that leads her to two twisted local professors who may hold the secret to the disappearance.

What readers are saying: “A chilling read for sure. Stephen King writes a page turner with characters that are believable, and tragically involved in soul-wrenching madness. His Molly character is singularly focused on solving her case, to the point of nearly becoming just another meal. A great read by a tremendous author.”

If he likes thrilling adventures: try Holmes, Marple & Poe by James Patterson and Brian Sitts

Holmes, Marple & Poe by James Patterson and Brian Sitts
‎ Little, Brown and Company

Legendary author James Patterson has penned more than 114 bestselling novels. And this heart-racing thriller is filled with mystery and intrigue. When three savvy private ­investigators — Brendan Holmes, Margaret Marple and Auguste Poe — open a firm and make headlines in New York City, they attract the attention of the NYPD, who is trying to uncover their mysterious pasts.

What readers are saying: “Another great read by James Patterson. It was difficult to put down once I got into it and kept drawn in the whole book.”

If he likes crime stories: try The Plinko Bounce by Martin Clark

The Plinko Bounce by Martin Clark (father's day books)
Rare Bird Books

This page-turning tale follows public defender Andy Hughes, who is assigned to a gruesome murder case. He feels duty-bound to give the strongest defense, even to those he knows are guilty, which is the case with accused killer Damian Bullins. Still, Andy is conflicted, and must sort out his feelings — before it’s too late.

What readers are saying: “Last week, I received a jury duty notice in my mailbox, so I decided to get into the spirit by reading a courtroom drama,” says Kathy Fitzpatrick, Woman’s World Features Director. “My verdict on this book: enthralling right down to the ending!”

If he likes U.S. history: try Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania by Erik Larson

Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania by Erik Larson (father's day books)

The Lusitania was the ship that was sunk by a German U-boat, which launched America into WWI. But there’s even more to it than that. With Captain William Thomas Turner at the helm, we dip into the world of the wealthy passengers, discover a bookseller carrying priceless pieces and get a glimpse of a groundbreaking female architect. Perfect for fans of war stories.

What readers are saying: “I usually gravitate to thrillers,” says Rachel Cosma, Woman’s World Health Director. So when my book club opted for a nonfiction pick, I took the chance to try something new. Learning more about the ship, the crew and its enthralling passengers gave me a new perspective on this key event in world history.”

If he likes thought-provoking stories: try The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store by James McBride

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store by James McBride
Riverhead Books

Unforgettable characters and a deeply moving plot abound in this best-selling novel by James McBride. After a body is discovered in a well in the 1972 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, secrets from the town in 1930 begin to unravel. Set in a dual timeline, the stories of various characters soon overlap as they work together to protect a young deaf boy. An astonishing story.

What readers are saying: “I’ve lived in another state for years, but I still miss my hometown in Pennsylvania,” confesses Nancy Heller, Woman’s World Copy Editor. “So when I heard this novel by James McBride takes place in Pottstown, PA, I had to dive in. This captivating tale provided a dose of ‘home!’”

If he likes time travel: try This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub

Emma straub, this time tomorrow: father's day books
Emma Straub

This feel-good examination of the father/daughter bond is a must-read, says author Ann Patchett, who recently recommended it as a perfect Father’s Day book. When Alice wakes up on what is supposed to be her 40th birthday, she is back in 1996, reliving her 16th birthday in her 16-year-old body. When she sees her dad, he’s the lively 40-something from her childhood, not the ailing father she’s been caring for. With knowledge of the future, Alice has to decide if there’s anything she could—or should—change about their past.

What readers are saying: “I was so moved by the story of Alice and her father’s relationship that I had to call my dad the second I finished the book,” says Woman’s World Associate Health Editor Kate Arcell.

If he’s an art lover: try The Lost Van Gogh by Jonathan Santlofer

The Lost Van Gogh by Jonathan Santlofer (Fathers day books)
Sourcebooks Landmark

Compelling plots, hopeful life lessons, picturesque France…this tale has it all. When art student Alex Verde buys a simple painting at an antiques store, she’s stunned to discover a long-lost self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh beneath it. She and her boyfriend, Luke, are soon swept into a dangerous world of art theft as they travel to France and the Netherlands to uncover the truth behind the painting — before someone else does.

What readers are saying: “My late grandmother was a huge art lover, and I still remember the first time she showed me the vibrant, swirling hues of Van Gogh when I was a kid,” recalls Kristina Mastrocola, Woman’s World Senior Editor. “This novel brought all those memories back! I was transported by this story that weaves together the sobering lessons of history with the power of hope embodied in the best works of art.”

If he likes to cook: try The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written By Two Idiots by Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey

The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written By Two Idiots by Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey
Page Street Publishing

Often seen on the Food Network and the Today Show, celebrity chefs Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey — despite being known as The Grill Dads — are not trained chefs or culinary professionals. They’re just two dads with a passion for grilling up anything in their backyard. They joke that people at home can watch them and say, “If these two idiots can do it, I can too.” In their cookbook, the duo breaks down the art of grilling versus barbecuing and provides step-by-step recipes that are both simple and delicious. From soups and salads to mains and appetizer, The Grill Dads have a recipe for amateur cooks and grill masters alike.

What readers are saying: “It’s humorous and The Grill Dads are very relatable. Also pictures are included with each recipe. Recipes are easy and use ingredients that are normally found in the pantry.”

If he likes true crime: try The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens

The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens
Seventh Street Books

When college student Joe Talbert learns he has to interview a stranger and write a biography of the person for an English class, he heads to to a local nursing home hoping to find a willing subject in a local there. Then Joe meets Carl, a dying Vietnam vet…and a convicted murderer. Soon Joe unravels Carl’s story and the shocking truth behind it. A exhilarating tale of truth and love.

What readers are saying: “This book has amazing twists and turns and keeps you guessing until the very end. It’s well written with rich characters and storylines, and is definitely a book that you have to set aside the time to read because it is extremely difficult to put down.”

If he’s a sports fan: try Sooley by John Grisham

Sooley by John Grisham (father's day books)

This tale follows A young African boy named Samuel “Sooley” Sooleyman, whose talent and love of basketball take him from his war-torn country to the U.S. But during the tournament, he hears that his father is dead, his sister is missing and his mother and younger brothers are in a refugee camp. With no way of getting home, all Sooley knows to do is to just play harder.

What readers are saying: “This book was the most emotional book I’ve ever read. It went from being happy to praying for a chance for a kid born into a war-torn life and given a chance at at becoming what he always dreamed of becoming. Then him rising to stardom. Have some Kleenex’s handy. Must-read!”

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