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‘How Many Triangles?’ Puzzle Confuses the Internet — How Many Do *You* See?

What's YOUR best guess? Plus, bonus brain teasers for more puzzling fun

We’re huge fans of riddles and puzzles around here, so it’s no shock that a brain teaser making the rounds on the internet — “How many triangles do you see?” — caught our eye. But we didn’t expect it to make us scratch our head as much as it did … especially since it involves something as simple as shapes.

Originally shared on Twitter by user @jiteshpillaai, this brain teaser asks a simple question many people who’ve taken math classes will recognize: “How many triangles?” The corresponding image (above) features a large triangle with a variety of different shapes inside it, thanks to cleverly drawn lines that connect to the main shape. It might sound simple at first, but take one look at the picture and you’ll instantly know why so many people are confused.

Tricky, huh? Some folks might be tempted to give a quick answer of 4, including the large main triangle and the three mini triangles at the very top. Sadly, that answer is incorrect. Others might notice that there are a few medium-sized triangles within the large main shape and cap their answer at 7. Unfortunately, that answer is also wrong.

Luckily, Pillaai has the solution for you whenever you’re ready. You might be stunned at how large the answer is: 18. In a follow-up Twitter post, Pillaai walks us through the solution with a super-helpful video.

If you got the answer right, feel free to give yourself a big pat on the back — that was a tough one! (Click through to learn how puzzles and brain teasers like this can help erase menopause brain fog.)

Want more tricky brain teasers? Read on!

1. Calling all mathletes!

How can you not love math equations made with hearts? Determine the value of each different-colored heart to solve the equation at the end.

Brain teasers: Math equation using hearts

Think you’ve got it?

Answer: The first step to solving this brain teaser is to figure out what the red hearts are worth. In the first line, 3 red hearts added together = 15. That means red hearts must be equal to 5 each (5 + 5 + 5 = 15). Next, move on to the second line. We know red = 5, so blue must equal 7 (7 + 7 = 14, then subtract 5 for a total of 9). So now we know red is 5 and blue is 7. On to the third line: Multiplication must be done before addition in an equation. So blue x green + green = 24. Green must be 3 (7 x 3 = 21 + 3 = 24). Now we know all the values: red is 5; blue is 7 and green is 3. So in the final line, we have 7 + 3, plus 3 + 5, plus 5 + 7, or 10 + 8 + 12, which equals 30. So the final answer to replace the question mark is 30.

2. Find the holiday card

The holiday-themed brain teaser below came from Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things, by Hungarian illustrator Gergely Dudás. Hidden among the sea of gift bags is 1 holiday greeting card. Can you spot it?

Brain teasers: Find the hidden holiday card in gift bags
Gergely Dudás/HarperCollins

Can’t find it yet?

Keep looking.

Still nothing?

We’re going to reveal the answer, so don’t keep scrolling unless you’re ready!

Answer: Starting from the top-right of the photo, count down 4 rows (to the blue and yellow striped bag). Now go 3 more to the left. See it? It’s red with green Christmas trees!

3. What comes next in the sequence?

Look at the top two blocks of four as a pair. Once you think you’ve figured out the sequence, look at the bottom-left block and choose solution A, B, C or D to complete the sequence in the fourth block.

Brain teasers: Which colors come next in the sequence?

Have you figured it out?

Are you sure?

Is your answer C?

Not so fast — that would be incorrect!

Ready for the real answer?

Answer: The answer is A. The reason: In the first block pairing on the top, each color moves diagonally from itself. For example, blue goes from the top left to the bottom right, red goes from the bottom left to the top right, and so on. So when looking at the second pair of puzzle blocks, you simply move each color diagonally: Blue goes from the top right to the bottom left, red goes from the bottom right to the top left, and so on. The only answer that fits this pattern is A.

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