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Giant ‘Strawberry Moon’ Will Sweeten Tomorrow’s Midnight Sky

Stargazers (and those who don’t mind staying up past bedtime) are in for a real celestial treat tomorrow night: The annual full moon of June, charmingly known as the Strawberry Moon, will be at its full phase after midnight, just as the planet Saturn reaches its most visible peak of the year.

Why is it called the Strawberry Moon?

Despite its divinely delicious name, the moon will be neither red nor shaped like a giant strawberry. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Algonquin tribe gave it the nickname because the bright orb signaled the start of strawberry-picking season. Besides the fruity moniker, it’s also been called the Mead Moon and the Rose Moon (and honestly, all those names are as equally adorable!).

Old traditions claim that getting married during the growing moon will signal luck for the relationship, while the days right after the new and full moons are always likely to be rainy.

When’s the best time to see the Strawberry Moon?

The full Strawberry Moon will be visible at 12:53 a.m. EST on Thursday, June 28, marking the halfway point of the 2018 lunar calendar. If you want to catch the brilliant spectacle, all you’ll have to do is look up — though true space fans might want to consider peeping at the night sky through a telescope. That’ll be the best way to spot the ringed planet Saturn, which will be closest to Earth and brighter than usual as it approaches the moon.

The Western and Central parts of the US will have the best views of both phenomenons, meaning that Saturn could even be visible with the naked eye if weather conditions remain clear.

According to, “The pairing will also present photographers with an excellent opportunity as Saturn and the moon will be close enough to easily fit in the same frame, as long as the sky is clear.”

What’s the meaning of the Strawberry Moon in astrology?

The alignment of Saturn and the moon won’t just be a visual delight: followers of astrology can probably guess that this convergence is loaded with meaning. However, the initial predictions don’t look as rosy as the name “Strawberry Moon” would suggest.

“The most challenging nature of Saturn will be on display for the next two weeks,” points out. The conjunction between the planet at the moon will add some “seriousness to your emotions and can lead to distance in your intimate relationships. You may have to deal with some challenging situations and negative attitudes which will feel worse than they actually are.”

Still, astrology experts say that though every zodiac sign will be tested, the lessons learned within the next weeks will be extremely valuable. “The full moon offers a chance to recognize and admit the problem,” adds.

What’s the best way to celebrate the Strawberry Moon?

If you don’t mind staying up past mindnight on a weekday, consider throwing a stargazing party for your friends and family. Honor the moon’s seasonal name by picking strawberries beforehand (or buying a ripe batch at your local gocery store), then make an assortment of adorable and flavorful treats to share with fellow astronomy nuts. Our recommendation for a more sophisticated viewing party? These Cadillac-pink cupakes paired with tropical strawberry coladas — one bite and you’ll be (appropriately!) over the moon.

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