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17 Breathtaking Cat Eyes That Will Hypnotize You With Their Beauty

Cat eyes are some of the most gorgeous eyes in the whole animal kingdom. Those lucky enough to have pet felines at home get the chance to look into those stunning peepers whenever they like. But have you ever wondered why cats’ eyes are so different from our own? Here’s a hint: It’s not just for aesthetic reasons!

Why are cat eyes so unique?

If you’ve ever looked deeply into a cat’s eyes (preferably belonging to a cat that knows and trusts you), you’ve probably noticed that their pupils are strikingly slit-like. While human eyes tend to have more circular pupils, cats boast a vertical shape. These black spots in the center of their peepers can also open and close as needed, allowing their facial expressions to be even more magnificent than they would’ve already been. No wonder cats can look adorably comical when they’re surprised.

According to a 2015 study in the scientific journal Science Advances, the shape of an animal’s pupils is determined by how said animal spends its day. The shape and size of the pupils is responsible for the amount of light that gets to the eyes, and that light helps show everything in the world surrounding the animal. Although humans’ pupils can get bigger at night in order to let more light in, kitties have an advantage over us with this skill. As Science Alert explains, cats are nocturnal creatures by nature, so their eyes are much better at expanding in the darkness and shrinking in the bright light to prevent overstimulation. Research has also suggested that the slit-like appearance of cat eyes allows the kitties a wider variety of muscle movements. It totally makes sense that they never miss a single movement in our homes, no matter how small.

Science aside, it’s hard to deny how mesmerizing and captivating the most beautiful cat eyes can be. They can also be surprisingly calming (provided the cat is in rest mode and not attack-a-mouse mode, of course). Don’t believe us? Just check out some of the most breathtaking cat eye pictures we could find — and try not to fall into a trance.

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