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She Found a Diet that Worked and Lost 160 Pounds with Minimal Exercise


Whether you’re just trying to eat healthier or striving to lose 10, 20, or 50 plus pounds, let these real women who have met (and exceeded) their goals inspire you to get started to the healthiest, happiest you possible.

Take Reddit user DarkMSTie for example. At 5-foot-2 and around 300 pounds, she looked much older than her 34 years. Growing up, she struggled with her weight. The culprit: her family’s bad eating habits. Her parents were “obese,” and there were always cookies and soda in the house. At meals, she ate all her food—even if she wasn’t hungry—because she didn’t want it to go to waste.

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“I’d want every meal to be an event. I’d want to eat to socialize, eat for boredom, eat for sadness, eat for happiness,” she shared on Reddit.

She decided to take control when she signed up for Nutrisystem in December 2012. Because of some issues in her personal life, her weight yo-yoed for a bit, but by September 2014 she was down 100 pounds—with minimal exercise.

F/34/5’2″ [300+?lbs > 139lbs = ~160lbs] 4 yrs? I was always the chubby/fat kid/adult, so there *is* hope! from progresspics

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As she got more and more into Nutrisystem, she saw more and more weight drop. She started to learn about healthy eating—the good carbs vs. the bad carbs, portion control, how to be healthy when eating at restaurants. Eventually, she found a personal trainer she liked because she needed the “appointment” to keep her honest and working out on a consistent basis. She started out with sessions two days per week and also got a phentermine prescription from her doctor.

Today, she weighs 139 pounds, which means she’s lost at least 160 pounds—more than half of her body weight! She had surgery to remove her excess skin, and now she’s never looked, or felt, better. You go, girl!

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