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Does Air-Drying Laundry Really Save You Money?


It wasn’t so long ago that air-drying our laundry on a clothesline was the normal thing for everyone to do. Even when home washing and drying machines became more popular, frugal families would still take the time to pin up their freshly washed clothes and linens to dry out in the sunshine. Now most of us are too busy (or understandably impatient) to wait on our laundry to dry without the aid of a machine. That said, do we even really save that much money by skipping the drying machine and letting laundry dry on its own? 

The answer is a more obvious “yes” for those without units in their home who must rely on a laundromat or other money-operated options. They can actually see themselves not putting coins into a machine if they’re able to let the items dry naturally. But for those who do have their own dryers at home, it’s easy to forget about the cost behind using them. Luckily, the US Department of Energy has a handy calculator than can make things a little clearer. 

It all varies on where you live, but the DOE lists the average cost of electricity across the country as 12 cents per kilowatt each hour. According to their math, using a dryer for just five hours every other week could end up costing you about $174.10 on an annual basis. That amount can obviously get even higher if you have a bigger family that requires more time running loads of laundry all year long. Any way you add it up, that’s a huge chunk of change flying right out of your pocket.

Of course, the weather can get in the way of any money-saving plans to dry your clothes naturally outside. That’s why it’s good to invest on some indoor drying options, like the items listed below, so you can save money rain or shine. Despite how much you might shell out at first, you’ll likely still end up with extra spending cash when you compare your energy bills. Take a look to see what items you can purchase to help save money on drying laundry.

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