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Cats Have Five Distinct ‘Purr-sonality’ Types — Which One Sounds Like Your Cat?

If you’re a feline fan, you’ve probably joked about cat personalities at some point. Even though our beloved kitties can’t communicate with us the way people can, it’s hard not to notice cats’ quirks and characteristics — especially if you own a cat or spend a lot of time around one. So you might be pleased to know that science is on your side: A study found that cats do indeed have personalities — five distinct ones, to be specific.

The 2017 findings analyzed 2,802 cat personality tests, based off a questionnaire with 52 personality characteristics. Considering the large number of cats studied, the scientists were able to delve deep and discover a set of five main personality factors that capture the majority of these cats’ characteristics. Hilariously dubbed the “Feline Five,” these personality traits just might come in handy if you’re trying to figure out what type of cat is right for you — or what to expect from the cat you already own.


Cats who are skittish are more likely to be anxious and fearful of both people and other cats. They have trouble being calm around anyone, so it’ll probably take a lot of work on your end to try and get them to trust you.


Outgoing kitties are known for being curious and active. Not only are they quick on their feet, but they also tend to walk with a certain purpose — or destination — in mind. (Let’s hope it’s not your closed-up pantry.)


Dominant felines, as you might expect, can be big bullies. They won’t hesitate to be aggressive — especially toward other cats. Far from being friendly, these cats are ones you might want to keep away from other kitties, for fear of a (literal) catfight.


If you have a spontaneous cat on your hands, know that this live wire is bound to be impulsive and erratic. Unconstrained and unpredictable, this little ball of fur fits the definition of the phrase, “Expect the unexpected.”


Friendly kitties are especially warm toward people — not to mention super affectionate. They don’t care to spend too much time alone, so if you’re lucky enough to have this type of cat, be sure to give him or her lots of snuggles!

Which personality best fits your cat?

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