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5 Ways To Elevate Your At-Home Coffee Experience (Because You Deserve It)

Recreate the café experience at home.

Heading to your local coffee shop to sip a brew and a read a book is about both the java and the experience: What’s better than ordering a warm latte prepared by your favorite barista while soft music plays in the background? The only problem is the price; this year, coffee shops nationwide charged up to $4.90 for a single cup of coffee. That amount quickly adds up, especially if you’re visiting two or three times a week. But there’s a solution: save yourself money the next time you want a cup of joe by making it yourself. And to bring that special café ambiance into the comfort of your own home, try these five ideas for a DIY coffee bar.

Dedicate an area of your kitchen counter to coffee supplies.

Eliminate some kitchen clutter and you’ll be on your way to brewing coffee more efficiently. Organizing your counter gives you ample space to place your coffee machine and equipment without everything feeling cramped. Just make sure the appliance is near an outlet for when you need to plug it in. Another benefit of a dedicated “coffee corner” is that any spilled ingredients won’t touch nearby items, like spice bottles or utensils. This makes cleaning up easier after you’ve finished making and enjoying your coffee. 

Arrange mugs in a decorative yet functional way.

Having a mug close by to pour or brew coffee in prevents you from having to rummage through cabinets to find one. That’s why it’s a good idea to make your mug collection part of the coffee bar display. Whether your collection is filled with solid colors or novelty mugs, arranging them in an aesthetically pleasing yet functional way is key. Need crafty ideas for storing your drink ware? The video below has some tricks for hanging or stacking your mugs.

Store coffee beans, creamers, and sugar in creative jars.

Essentials like coffee beans, sugar, and non-perishable creamer pods need to be kept fresh for the tastiest coffee possible. Storing these ingredients in jars will block out any air that might otherwise ruin their flavor and quality. For a decorative touch, pick storage jars that match the color and look of your DIY coffee bar. If you’re looking for a simple design, a set of Glass Storage Containers from KMwares (Buy from Amazon, $25.99) features solid black printing on each jar labeling them coffee, creamer, or sugar. You can also evoke a “sunnier” feeling with this Sunddo Ceramic Canister Set (Buy from Amazon, $46.99) that boasts a vibrant sunflower design on every piece.

Upgrade your coffee equipment for the best cup every time.

If your coffee equipment is on its last leg, it’s time to get some brand new tools or appliances. Investing in good-quality supplies means you don’t have to leave your home to get a sophisticated daily caffeine fix. Individual items such as the Toroid Frothing Pitcher (Buy from, $24.95) and Calibrated Tamper (Buy from, $99.95) from ESPRO respectively work to hold milk during the frothing process and pack coffee grounds for espresso shots. The result? A homemade latte that rivals anything you’d sip at a coffee shop.

For a smooth cup of joe, you might also consider ESPRO’s P7 French Press (Buy from, $119.95) — this has a double micro-mesh filter that removes grounds in four minutes. A full upgrade to your coffee equipment can also be found in the form of the Calphalon Temp iQ Espresso Machine  (Buy from Amazon, $569.99). This all-in-one machine certainly isn’t cheap, but it does it all: grinds coffee beans, brews espresso, and froths milk to make creamy lattes and cappuccinos. Plus, the appliance offers temperature precision for consistently delicious results every time!

Calphalon Temp iQ Espresso Machine
Courtesy of Calphalon

Play music to set the tone.

Music is crucial to the coffee shop experience; it sets a calm and relaxing mood as you’re sipping coffee or snacking on a pastry. More specifically, jazz music is a go-to for many cafés. “Judging by the recent actions of the world’s largest vendors of your morning java, jazz must be the most highly caffeinated music of them all,” Ted Gioia, jazz critic and music historian, writes on But this kind of music will also soothe you, despite the caffeine buzz: previous research reveals the genre’s therapeutic benefits for helping lower heart rate to promote relaxation. If you’re looking to recreate the coffee shop experience, the Jazz Coffee Shop YouTube Channel frequently uploads hours-long videos playing this kind of music — and right now, a lot of them are holiday-themed to get you in the festive spirit. It’s never been easier to fill your kitchen with vibey music as you make coffee. Java and jazz — what a perfect pairing.

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