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8 Brilliant Laundry Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Let’s be honest, laundry can be a nightmare at the best of times. Below, we share some of the most clever and unexpected ways to clean your clothes.

White bread can get rid of lipstick stains.

Sometimes you can’t help but get lipstick on your clothing. Before panic strikes, get a piece of white bread and remove the crust. Scrunch the bread into a ball, and blot the stain. Anything that remains should come out once you’ve run it through the washing machine.

Use this ink stain removing combo.

Who would have thought that hand sanitizer and a spritz of hairspray would be kryptonite to ink stains? Apply hand sanitizer and hairspray to the stained area and leave it for 10 minutes. The ink will bleed out; wash as normal.

Grease is no longer a problem.

Rub chalk or sprinkle baby powder onto fresh grease stains to absorb the oil. Repeat if necessary and wash as normal. 

Asprin can relive more than just a headache.

If you find sweat stains on your shirts, try soaking them with two crushed aspirins dissolved in half a cup of warm water. Soak for a few hours.

Leave your clothes with a sweet scent.

No dryer sheets on hand? Soak a hand towel in the fabric softener and let it dry. Every time you use the dryer, toss the hand towel in — it will leave your clothes with a lovely scent. Alternatively, you can use a clothing spray post-washing.

Speed up your drying time.

To speed up your laundry’s drying time, place a dry towel along with your wet clothes in the dryer. The towel will help absorb water. Just pull it out after about 15 minutes so it doesn’t continue to contribute to the water in the machine.

Revive your shrunken clothes.

Don’t you hate when your clothes shrink in the wash? By soaking the shrunken clothes in hair conditioner and water (not too cold or hot) for a few hours, it will help bring them back to their (almost) original state.

Revive patent leather.

Window cleaner works like a treatment on patent leather. Simply spray and wipe to clean and restore its shine.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Homes to Love.

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