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Your 2024 Cancer Season Horoscope: What’s in Store for You, Based on Your Sign

Here’s what the sun’s trip through the cardinal water sign means for love, money and more

When calendars are brimming with end of school year celebrations, family getaways, beach or pool days galore, it’s a sign that not only is summertime here, but Cancer season is, as well. This particular season, which kicks off at the summer solstice, amplifies our desire to connect with loved ones through time-honored traditions, feather our nests, take heartwarming walks down memory lane and spend time exploring and sharing our most heartfelt emotions. This is the effect of the sun’s trip through the fourth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Crab. Cancer occurs annually from mid-June to mid-July. A great way to know what to expect during this time is to learn your 2024 Cancer season horoscope.

Because the cardinal water sign is ruled by the moon, which, in astrology, oversees intuition and emotions, you’ll be more aware of and interested in tending to your feelings. Your thoughts and experiences could also be colored by your moods more than usual. The moon is also associated with the way in which we nurture and want to be nurtured and our sense of our security, so it wouldn’t be surprising if situations and self-reflections tied to these themes came up over the course of Cancer season, as well.

Here, all you need to know about 2024 Cancer season so you can make the most of it.

When is Cancer season?

Every year, you can count on Cancer season to occur from approximately June 20-21 to July 22-23. In 2024, Cancer season will be in effect from June 20 to July 22.

What to expect during Cancer season

In general, when the sun makes its annual journey through Cancer, we’re all more likely to prioritize our heart’s desires over cold, hard logic. And just as your feelings might take precedence, so does the inclination to step into caregiver mode. Those born under the sign of the Crab are innately emotionally intelligent and compassionate and can’t help but feel compelled to channel these emotions toward bolstering the well-being of their nearest and dearest — whether that’s their relatives, closest friends or their cherished family pets.

Cancer is also the cardinal sign of the water bunch, which means they excel at big picture, visionary thinking and diving into ambitious, large scale projects. With that in mind, you could find that you’re more driven and enthusiastically pumped to hit the gas on your own passion projects while the sun is in a sign that does so well with taking initiative.

It does bear noting that, just as cardinal signs begin each season — Cancer kicks off summer, Libra launches fall, Capricorn gets the ball rolling on winter and Aries jumpstarts spring — they’re also best at coming up with overarching game plans and moving through the initial steps but not so much at follow through. For that reason, you might find that you can get the ball rolling on a major endeavor but might hit a point where you could use a bit more support or motivation to get to the finish line.

2024 Cancer season can inspire self-reflection

Although the word “retrograde” tends to bring to mind Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation and technology, the messenger planet is far from the only celestial body to appear to move backward from our vantage point on Earth. Each planet goes through its own retrogrades at certain points based on its own pattern and pace through the zodiac and during 2024 Cancer season, both Saturn and Neptune will go retrograde.

While each planet oversees its own unique area of life that its retrograde will influence, all retrogrades are meant to urge us to go inward and meditate on the themes of that planet and the sign its moving backward through. In 2024, Saturn retrograde will occur in Pisces, the mutable water sign, from June 29 to November 15, nudging you to take stock of your accomplishments, how you’ve been taking on and handling responsibility and ways in which you could even better put your nose to the grindstone to accomplish your goals.

And Neptune, the planet of spirituality, will be retrograde from July 2 to December 7, requiring that you face certain reality checks in whatever area of life you’ve been most prone to wearing rose-colored glasses.

2024 Cancer season could bring shocking breakthroughs

Ahead of moving into Gemini toward the tail end of Cancer season, Mars, the planet of action, energy and sex, will pair up with electrifying Uranus, the planet of sudden change and revolution, in fixed earth sign Taurus on July 15. This could activate your inner rebel and fire you up to strike out on your own or embrace an unconventional approach. In short, this planetary pair-up can boost the desire to shake things up, so steel yourself for out-of-the-blue, completely unexpected shifts and epiphanies around this time.

You can explore how you’re caring for yourself and owning your own sense of authority

Just after the sun enters Cancer, on June 21, we’ll experience a full moon in its opposite sign, cardinal earth sign Capricorn, which is best known for its industrious, pragmatic, goal-oriented nature. Full moons generally highlight two opposing energies or contrasting dynamics within relationships — including the one you have with yourself. And this time around, you could be exploring the juxtaposition between how you command authority and function within your public life (Capricorn) versus your home life, relationships with loved ones and inner, emotional world (Cancer).

Then, July 5 marks the new moon in Cancer, which is the kickoff of a whole new lunar cycle and can fuel aspirations that stem from your most genuine emotions and are potentially tied to your home and family.

And on July 21, another full moon in Capricorn presents an opportunity to look back at intentions you set around July 5 and to explore the very different themes and priorities of the grounded, industrious earth sign and its opposite, the sentimental, nurturing water sign.

Here, how 2024 Cancer season will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)

2024 Cancer season horoscope for Aries


The sun is moving through your home zone now, which means you’ll actually find it rewarding to slow down. Although this might sound completely counter to your nature, you’ll find that taking the time to rest and recharge with loved ones sets you up for feeling even more capable of making your most passionate desires a reality. And with Mars, the planet of action and energy, moving through your money zone through the majority of Cancer season — entering your communication zone on July 20 — your rejuvenating home life could influence and inspire you to go after different sources of income that reflect your values.

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2024 Cancer season horoscope for Taurus


With the sun moving through your communication zone, you’ll be eager to connect with your friends and colleagues on a bevy of mentally stimulating ideas, pitches and proposals. Brainstorms can be particularly productive! And you could find that your calendar is positively jam-packed with social commitments, which actually feels enlivening versus depleting now. And from July 11 to August 4, your ruling planet, sweet Venus, will be in your home zone, so fun-loving celebrations with loved ones are also sure to be on your agenda.

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2024 Cancer season horoscope for Gemini


The confident sun moves through your money zone now, which amplifies your self-assuredness around stepping up your financial goals. You could be motivated to pursue new sources of income, come up with a new savings plan or to explore different ways of investing your funds. This might also be the perfect time to ask for more responsibility or a raise! With your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, moving through your communication sector from July 2 to 25, you’re sure to make an especially positive impression on colleagues.

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2024 Cancer season horoscope for Cancer


The vitality-bringing sun is in your sign now, which turns your attention to the ways in which you’re presenting yourself out in the world. You’ll be feeling more confident and invested in nurturing your self-image, which, in turn, can help you follow your heart toward achieving long-term goals. Friends, loved ones and colleagues are sure to take note of just how much you shine now! And with not only messenger Mercury but artistic Venus in your money zone from July 11 to 25, you’ll be extra charismatic and charming when going to bat for new sources of income or responsibilities on the job.

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2024 Cancer season horoscope for Leo


With the sun moving through your spirituality zone now, you might feel like you’re backstage, waiting to engage an adoring audience, but you’re just not quite ready yet. This period of time was tailored to getting clear on what you want to achieve once you’re under the hot pulse of the spotlight during your own season and it can also lend itself to healing old wounds. Devote yourself to a little more self-work than usual and once messenger Mercury and romantic Venus arrive in your sign — on July 5 and 11 respectively — you’ll begin to feel prepared to share what’s on your mind and in your heart.

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2024 Cancer season horoscope for Virgo


With the sun in your networking zone now, you’ll be compelled to initiate and join team projects alongside friends, colleagues, neighbors or another community you’re proud to consider yourself a part of. Collaborative efforts not only come more naturally but could feel more rewarding, because they’re opportunities to feel more connected to people you see eye-to-eye with. Yet, with both your ruling planet, messenger Mercury and relationship-oriented Venus in your spirituality zone from July 11 to 25, it’s a must to take time to nurture your own emotional and mental well-being as well as you show up for others.

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2024 Cancer season horoscope for Libra


The sun is now spending time in your career zone, which elevates your confidence in the abilities you want to flaunt in your professional life. You’ll want to make your mark and be respected for putting your nose to the grindstone and you’re also more likely to embrace pragmatic action plans in order to achieve your goal. You can diligently map your path to recognition! Consider setting a related intention around July 5 when the new moon falls in this same sector and you could begin to get a sense of the win you’ve manifested around July 21.

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2024 Cancer season horoscope for Scorpio


Cancer season fuels your desire to move beyond the mundane to pursue personal growth, thanks to the sun traveling through your adventure and higher learning zone. You want to feel like you’re experiencing something bigger than yourself and you could be reflecting on your sense of purpose. To do this, you might travel, hone a new skill set or simply take a leap of faith that’s informed by listening to your gut over your head. And with one of your ruling planets, go-getter Mars, moving through your partnership zone up until July 20, leaning on a dear friend, loved one or significant other could make this moment even more productive and thrilling.

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2024 Cancer season horoscope for Sagittarius


The sun is in your intimacy and joint resources zone now, which magnifies your closest bonds and your need to wear your heart on your sleeve more than usual. You’ll want to share your deepest-rooted emotions and feel closer than ever with one of your nearest and dearest and you’ll be especially confident in your ability to verbalize and act on these desires. This is also a brilliant time to go over financial game plans with a loved one. And with messenger Mercury landing in your adventure sector on July 5 and romantic Venus following on July 11, getting out into the world and switching up your routine alongside people you love brings lots of joy and benefits your spirit.

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2024 Cancer season horoscope for Capricorn


With the sun in your partnership zone now, you’ll be extra aware of not only how you’re showing up within your one-on-one bonds but how your sense of self is affected within these relationships. Reciprocity is a major theme. If you’re bringing more to the table than a dear friend or loved one or vice-versa, this is the season in which you can take significant strides toward striking a better balance. The key dates for doing this could coincide with the lunar cycle, so be particularly on alert around the full moons in your sign on June 21 and July 29 as well as the new moon in your partnership zone on July 5.

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2024 Cancer season horoscope for Aquarius


As the brilliant sun moves through your wellness and daily routine zone during Cancer season, your confidence in your ability to tackle so many to-dos and stick to your daily hustle soars. You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished so far and fired up to do even more. You could channel this energy into honing new skills or experimenting with taking care of your mental, physical and emotional well-being in a different way (think signing up for a new type of yoga class, making a point to get higher quality sleep or going for evening walks). Thanks to go-getter Mars in your home zone until July 20, you’ll do well to talk through your action plan with loved ones and ask for their support, as it could go far to helping you hit and surpass your goals.

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2024 Cancer season horoscope for Pisces


Cancer season offers you one of the most fun-loving, lighthearted, purely magical moments of the year, because the sun is traveling through your romance and self-expression zone. You’re compelled to put grueling work on the back burner so you can better focus on nurturing your bonds with loved ones and friends, opening up about emotions and exploring artistic outlets that are calling your name. Around July 5, get clear on an intention related to this part of your life and you could find you’re soon enjoying reverberating effects of this sparkly, heartwarming energy.

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