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Your 2024 Mercury in Cancer Horoscope: What’s in Store for You From June 17 to July 2

Here’s how communication and connection will be affected as Mercury moves through the sentimental, heartfelt water sign

If you’ve started to feel like conversations with loved ones have become more colored by everyone’s moods and your social media feed is brimming with shots from beachy family vacations, you’re undoubtedly noting the shift that is Mercury entering Cancer. The planet of communication joins romantic Venus in the cardinal water sign ahead of Cancer season’s official kickoff when the sun shifts into the sign of the Crab, marking the summer solstice. As Mercury moves into Cancer on Monday, June 17 at 5:07 a.m. ET/2:07 a.m. PT, it’ll leave behind the curious, buzzy, super-communicative vibes of its time in one of its home signs — mutable air sign Gemini in order to bring a more sentimental, emotion-centered and nurturing tone to how we interact with one another and soak up information.

Here, all you need to know in order to make the most of Mercury in Cancer 2024. from June 17 to July 2

What does Mercury in Cancer mean?

Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, and technology, influences how we connect with others, express ourselves, and think. That said, to get a sense of the tone our collective communication and thought processes might take on at any given moment, you’ll do well to look to the zodiac sign that Mercury is currently spending time in. Annually, in June and/or July, Mercury spends time in Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac symbolized by the Crab. The cardinal water sign is ruled by the moon, which, in astrology, oversees intuition, emotions, nurturing energy and security, which causes Cancer to be one of the most emotionally intelligent, innately caregiving, compassionate and budget-conscious signs of all.

In turn, Mercury is moving through Cancer, our words tend to originate straight from the heart as opposed to our heads. In fact, you might find that how you’re feeling colors what you say more than usual during this time. This can make for especially heartfelt interactions but also moodier moments and a tougher time dealing with straightforward, impartial facts. It bears noting that when pushed to open up before they’re ready or grappling with an intense emotional concern, Cancers tend to shut down and retreat into their shell to work through whatever feelings are coming up for them. That said, we might all be inclined to be more reserved and prioritize solo time to tackle our emotions while Mercury is in Cancer.

Given that Cancer is associated with the Fourth House of Home Life, family and home life are top of mind while the messenger planet spends time in the cardinal water sign. And because the Crab is so innately ingratiatingly funny, sharing your sense of humor — especially with loved ones — can come more naturally during this time, as well.

What can you expect during Mercury’s trip through Cancer in 2024?

Although Mercury visits Cancer annually, all of the other planets move at different rates through the zodiac, so the messenger planet’s meet-ups with other celestial bodies varies from year to year. A few highlights in 2024: Mercury quickly follows Venus into Cancer, which means the two will form a conjunction on Monday, June 17, laying the groundwork for easy, lovely communication with friends, family members or colleagues. You can more readily share your creative, big picture ideas.

On Wednesday, June 26, Mercury forms a harmonious trine to taskmaster Saturn in mystical Pisces, amplifying your ability to hone in on details and put your nose to the grindstone on a mentally-charged task. This can also be a brilliant moment to tune into your intuition and have key conversations that lead to signing a contract or moving the ball forward on a long-term project.

On Tuesday, July 2, the messenger planet meets spiritual Neptune in a pleasant trine, boosting your imagination and desire to explore your fantasies and research and discuss approaches to self-care and self-healing.

Here, how Mercury in Cancer 2024 will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)

How Mercury in Cancer will affect Aries


For the last few weeks, Mercury in your communication zone has been making your social life especially exuberant and active, possibly filling up your calendar to the point that you could use a breather. If that’s your wish, you’re in luck, because Mercury in your home zone now will offer quite a bit of respite. You’ll want to focus on tending to your familial bonds and thinking through home-related undertakings, like that redecoration project or move you’ve been batting around. You can also prioritize heart-to-hearts with loved ones that boost mutual understanding and shared healing.

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How Mercury in Cancer will affect Taurus


After spending time in your money zone, getting your brain buzzing about how to best earn, save and spend your assets, Mercury shifts into your communication sector. Your curiosity is bound to soar now. You’ll want to learn, gather information and spend more time with old and new friends alike. And if you’ve been wanting to spread your wings and get out into the world, consider planning a short-distance trip, as it’s an ideal time to check out eye-opening sights that are actually not that far off the beaten path.

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How Mercury in Cancer will affect Gemini


After moving through your sign, where it’s right at home and apt to bolster your confidence when going to bat for your most brilliant ideas, Mercury, your ruling planet, is now in your money sector. Whether you plan a brainstorm with colleagues or talk through an ambitious goal with higher-ups, you’ll thrive when bringing your skills to the table on the job. You might also find you can readily go to bat for greater rewards for your efforts. And if your work also happens to reflect your values and strengthen your self-worth, you’ll feel even more on-track!

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How Mercury in Cancer will affect Cancer


Though it’s been in your spirituality zone for a few weeks, Mercury is now moving through your sign, which empowers you to stand more strongly in your sense of self and to express that to the world around you. You can more enthusiastically share exactly how you feel, your opinions, your ideals and your big picture vision. And you’ll feel heard! You might also be meditating on your self-image. Your realizations could inspire you to experiment with self-expression that serves to better align your core identity with how you’re presenting yourself (think: enhancing your personal style or giving your website an overhaul).

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How Mercury in Cancer will affect Leo


The last few weeks, you’ve likely been immersed in community-oriented endeavors and researching new ways to move the ball forward on your long-term wishes. Now, with Mercury in your spirituality zone, you’ll find your day-to-day gets a bit quieter as self-work and tending to your mental and emotional well-being takes center stage. Whether you’re journaling, meditating or sneaking in more yoga or stretching, stepping up rest and rejuvenation feels right. You can also make significant strides when caring for your psychological wellness (think: going deeper in therapy).

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How Mercury in Cancer will affect Virgo


Mercury, your ruling planet, has been in your career sector over the last few weeks, which has turned your focus to relating to higher-ups and exploring your own sense of authority. But now, with the messenger planet moving through your networking and friendships zone, you’ll want to dive into team efforts and plan more get-togethers with your social circle. You’ll crave the opportunity to feel more connected to your community and to contribute to building momentum on a shared goal. This is also the sector of long-term wishes, so platonic bonding could motivate you to pursue a big picture vision in a new way.

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How Mercury in Cancer will affect Libra


While Mercury was in your higher learning zone previously, you were likely driven to shake up your usual routine by soaking up knowledge or meeting people outside your usual network. But now, the messenger planet travels through your career sector, empowering you to apply whatever learnings you gained toward commanding the spotlight on the job. You’re primed for giving an impressive presentation or talking through your aspirations for advancing your career. In short, this is a fruitful time of year for staking your claim as a leader or otherwise making your mark!

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How Mercury in Cancer will affect Scorpio


The messenger planet was in your intimacy zone over the last few weeks, encouraging you to express your desires for deep, meaningful conversation and bonding time with loved ones. But now, Mercury moves through your adventure zone, awakening your need to pursue horizon-broadening experiences, whether that’s signing up for an online course or planning a thrilling, long-distance trip. Honing new skills, perhaps by working with a mentor, or reading up on and flirting with philosophies and perspectives that are out of the ordinary for you can feel especially empowering.

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How Mercury in Cancer will affect Sagittarius


After moving through your partnership zone, enhancing your one-on-one communication, Mercury now travels through your intimacy and joint resources sector. You can have conversations with loved ones exploring what you need to feel even more comfortable opening up and growing closer. This transit can also be incredibly productive for detailing and exploring your sexual desires and fantasies, as well. And because this is the zone that involves shared assets, you might research and collaborate with a loved one on a financial aspiration you’ve both been aiming for.

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How Mercury in Cancer will affect Capricorn


After moving through your daily routine zone, setting something of a frenetic, go-go-go vibe, Mercury now moves through your partnership sector. You’ll be eager to connect with your friends, loved ones and colleagues one-on-one, whether that means making special plans to hang out or just having more frequent catch-ups over text or FaceTime. Because you’re so industrious, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can more readily join forces with one of your nearest and dearest to move the ball forward on a shared goal now. You could also find that negotiation and mediation comes more naturally now, so take advantage of this moment by talking through any issue that you and a companion have been failing to see eye-to-eye on.

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How Mercury in Cancer will affect Aquarius


Mercury’s time in your romance and self-expression zone has amplified your ability to speak from the heart and connect with loved ones, and now, the messenger planet moves through your daily routine and wellness zone, empowering you to tackle all of the to-dos on your list — and then some! You could find that the pace of life speeds up, but you’re enlivened by a surge of cerebral energy. If you’ve been wanting to check out a new workout class or finesse your daily hustle so that it feels more streamlined and balanced, this can be the perfect moment to dive right in!

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How Mercury in Cancer will affect Pisces


As Mercury moved through your home zone over the last few weeks, you zeroed in on having key conversations with loved ones, researching and dealing with business related to feathering your nest and perhaps caring for your inner world through even more self-work than usual. Now, Mercury slips into your romance and self-expression zone, which amplifies your ability to connect in a more spontaneous, fun-loving way with your nearest and dearest and desire to process your emotions through a creative outlet. This can be a truly playful, magical time of year, especially if you let go of preconceived notions of what it should look like and allow yourself to follow your heart!

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