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Scorpio-Virgo Compatibility: Are They a Good Match in Love and Friendship?

The stars say these two signs are destined for success! 

Infamous Scorpio and diligent Virgo. When these two come together, are sparks bound to fly, or will the relationship go up in flames? To get to the bottom of that question, let’s dive into the details of these signs as individuals. Then we can put the pieces together and predict just how well the scorpion and the goddess will click in love and friendship. Keep reading to learn you everything you need to know about Scorpio-Virgo compatibility.

What’s the scoop on Scorpio?

Secretive, strategic, and highly sensual, Scorpios are notorious in astrology for their hellion reputation and tendency to be right in the middle of all the drama. Anger a Scorpio and you’re highly likely to find yourself peeking around corners and checking behind your back for signs of sabotage. 

It’s thanks to this feisty personality that Scorpios are often mistaken for fire signs. After all, they’ve got the slow-burning anger and volcanic passion to match. But Scorpios aren’t fire signs at all — all that passion and power? It stems from their emotions and deep-rooted subconscious desires, making them a classic (if misleading) water sign

As water signs, Scorpios are deeply intuitive, often making decisions based fully on gut instinct rather than a chain of logic they could easily explain to someone else. From the outside looking in, this gives them an almost mystical appeal, and is one of the main reasons Scorpios are seen as so seductive and alluring. 

That, and the fact that Scorpio rules over the Eighth House, aka the house associated with sex and physicality. Scorpios crave physical intimacy in all their relationships, platonic or romantic. Picture that friend of yours who loves to hold hands and always kisses you on the cheek goodbye. More likely than not she’s a Scorpio and leans into physical touch in all of her relationships.  (Click through for even more information on Scorpio women.)

What’s the deal with Virgo?

If Scorpios are known for being explosive and mysterious, Virgos are almost the polar opposite: Gentle, meticulous, and idealistic earth signs that love nothing more than putting pieces into their proper place, whether that means putting out fires at work or helping their best friend pick up the pieces after a divorce left her shattered. 

Virgos are intensely practical and grounded, which often manifests in being highly detail- and solution-oriented. You won’t find a Virgo with her head in the clouds — no, her gaze is clear, her focus is on exactly (and solely) what needs to be done. Virgos are the ones baking casseroles and freezing soup after the loss of a loved one; they’re who you call when you’re moving and need help packing up your house. 

This clear-headed and meticulous nature means that it’s fairly easy for Virgos to slip into idealism. The solution is often so obvious to them, it seems unimaginable that others can’t see it as well. From the outside, this idealistic nature can come off as quixotic or stubborn. But the truth is that Virgos simply see the possibility and beauty in all things.  (Click through for even more information on Virgo women.)

Scorpio and Virgo in friendship

Despite their obvious differences, Scorpios and Virgos work shockingly well together. Perhaps that’s because they share similar motives: Scorpio wants control and power, while Virgo wants order and clarity. It’s game over for the competition when these two team up and set their eyes on the prize. 

Even outside of a competitive or work-oriented situation Scorpio and Virgo are positioned to get along. Loyalty goes a long way with both signs, particularly Scorpio, who tends to adopt a ride-or-die mentality when it comes to friendship. They’ll appreciate the committed nature of a Virgo from day one, and Virgo will likewise be reassured by the capability and responsibility that Scorpios naturally exude. 

These two signs also tend to balance each other out. When the Scorpio of the duo decides to impulsively quit their job and become a freelance videographer, Virgo is there to talk them through the practical details (and maybe talk them out of their more rash decisions). Virgos hit pause on the self-destruct option that is often so tempting to Scorpio. 

On the other hand, when Virgo gets so wrapped up in work that they go a month without leaving the house, Scorpio is there to push them outside of their comfort zone and embrace a bit more spontaneity and levity. Those photos on Facebook of your old Virgo friend going skydiving or bungee jumping? Chances are, the person who talked her into it was a Scorpio. 

Scorpio and Virgo in love

Close up of couple holding hands on coastline. ( Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility)

When it comes to friendship, Scorpio and Virgo are two peas in a pod. But what about romance? Can their friendship become something more, or is it destined to go up in smoke? 

The short answer: Opposites attract once again. As in their friendship, traits that initially seem to make this duo opposites often actually serve to draw them together. For example, Virgos are known for their communication skills — clear and concise is the name of the game with these master problem solvers. This skillset balances out secretive Scorpio, pushing them to open up and bring their more deeply-held feelings into the light. For the goddess, this experience can be intensely rewarding; for the scorpion, intensely freeing. 

Scorpio’s intuitive, almost clairvoyant nature can also shine a spotlight on aspects of a Virgo’s personality that they didn’t even know they possessed. Have you ever noticed a good friend’s entire personality change after they start dating someone new? Sometimes, those changes are indicative of an unhealthy attachment style. But other times they simply reflect a relationship that forces each partner into new territory.

Virgos are more likely to discover hidden traits and interests while in a relationship with a Scorpio than any other sign. And while not all of those changes will stick, some of them may end up being lifelong. Scorpio and Virgo just get each other like that.

Earth signs and water signs: Destined for success

At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that Virgos and Scorpios are so compatible. They may look pretty different on paper, but as earth signs and water signs, they’re bound to have a strong initial connection. 

Just like the earth needs rain to replenish her lakes and rivers, and those lakes and rivers are bound by the earth, so too do earth signs and water signs rely on each other to create symmetry and balance. Where earth signs are grounded, water signs are intuitive. Where water signs are driven by their emotions, earth signs are practical. Like yin and yang, they circle each other, constantly pulling back and forth in a cosmic dance. 

So whether you’re considering reaching out to your new Scorpio neighbor to see if he wants to grab coffee, or assessing just how well you’ll get along with your new Virgo daughter-in-law, chances are, you’re going to hit it off. After all, the stars are on your side.

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