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5 Gas Stations That Will Put Money Back in Your Pocket After You Pump

If you feel like the price of gas keeps soaring higher and higher every time you pull up to refill your tank, you sadly aren’t mistaken. According to AAA, 2018 has seen the price of fuel reach the highest its been since 2014. Since most of us rely on our cars rather than public transportation to get around in our daily lives, the necessary expense can seem like an unlimited drain on your bank account. How often have you felt like you were just tossing money into the trash while watching the numbers rise at the pump?

Luckily, savvy drivers can find ways to not only save money, but perhaps even get paid back a bit of what they put into their gas tank by registering for a station’s rewards program. Whichever outlet you prefer going to, they are likely to offer a pretty sweet incentive for your loyalty. All of the options below will help relieve at least some of the hassle of gassing up — and might even come with extra perks like free car washes and discounts on snacks with occasional promotion offers. 

1. Walmart

Most of the popular superstores have a gas station in their parking lots. Whether it’s a Murphy’s USA or Walmart’s own brand, folks who sign up for the Walmart MoneyCard can save two percent on their fuel each time they fill up. The reloadable, prepaid debit card also offers three percent back on online purchases made on their webite,, and one percent back on in-store items. You can track all of your purchases and rewards on the MoneyCard mobile app.

The card also offers promotional savings on things like car washes and oil changes, and a monthly $1,000 grand prize drawing.

Check out the Walmart MoneyCard website for more information on how you can save!

2. Kroger

The grocery chain’s Plus Card earns points on all your in-store purchases, offering one point per $1 and double points on gift cards and wireless phone plans. You can redeem those points while checking out in the store or while at its gas pumps. Customers are able to choose how much they save on each trip to the gas station, anywhere from 10 cents to $1 off per refill.

The card can also be used at some participating Shell stations.

Check out the Fuel Program on Kroger’s website for more information on how you can save!

3. Shell

Of course, Shell has a loyalty program of its own. The Fuel Rewards card currently offers 30 cents off per gallon on the first five purchases you make after signing up. Once you’ve used your initial purchases, you will still earn 10 cents back on purchases that can be used for up to 20 gallons (saving you $2).

You can also earn rewards by using the card at participating restaurants, online shopping outlets, and while traveling for flights and hotels. 

Check out Shell’s Fuel Rewards website for more information on how you can save!

4. Phillips 66

With a KickBack points card, the company claims you can earn points that “spend like cash on gas and other items.” However, each individual Phillips 66 gives out points differently, so you’ll have to ask your local station for more information on how much you might benefit from signing up for the program.

Each swipe of the card also automatically enters you in monthly and annual giveaways for things like sporting events and trips.

Check out the KickBack points card on the Phillips 66 website for more information on how you can save!

5. QuikTrip

By signing up for the QuikTrip credit card, you’ll get 25 cents off each gallon you pump for the first two billing cycles. After that, you’ll get three cents off each gallon. You can also earn one point (worth $1 back in your wallet) on most items in the store. 

Plus, every time you earn 200 points, the company will send you a $10 gift card that can be used on gas or other items from the store.

Check out the QuikTrip Cards website for more information on how you can save!

If your favorite local gas station isn’t listed here, it’s still worth asking about loyalty or rewards programs the next time you make a pit stop. You might be surprised by how much you could have been saving this whole time!

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