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Make $1,000s a Month With These Work-From-Home Jobs — No Phone Needed!

Experts and real-life WFH success stories help you discover what will work for you

The perks of working from home are undeniable. After all, who wouldn’t want to replace their commute with a leisurely stroll to the kitchen for coffee? Work-from-home gigs can earn you extra cash while cutting out all the hassle of leaving the home. The best part is, there are plenty of work from home jobs that don’t require a degree, specialized experience or even a phone.

Taking the leap from a 9-to-5 office job to one where you are your own “boss” at home can be a drastic change. But the perks are plentiful. “You have the flexibility to work around your schedule and don’t need to spend hours commuting every week,” points out R.J. Weiss, Certified Financial Planner and founder of No wonder 79% of home-based workers cite a better work-life balance as the reason they chose their career path.

And you don’t have to start your own business to reap the benefits. Here are seven possibilities for making your foray into the work-from-home job world, plus real-life examples of women who are making it happen!

1. Transcribe audio clips

Ever been described as a good listener or a fast typist? Good news: You can have your pick of transcription gigs, which simply entail listening to what someone is saying on prerecorded tapes or files and writing it down.

You don’t need any experience to get started — just a computer (although headphones may come in handy, depending on the volume of your household). There’s a whole world of audio waiting to be transcribed, including court records, closed captions, conference calls, presentations, focus groups, interviews and even police calls.

In general, pay is based on the audio minute (meaning the faster you transcribe, the bigger the payout). There’s also the opportunity to earn more for rush jobs. As a transcriptionist, you have the potential to earn upwards of $30 per hour, all from the comfort of your own home.

Some great platforms to find work from home jobs no phone include DittoTranscripts, GMR Transcription and 3Play Media. If you prefer to transcribe a certain type of material, you can also get more specific with your job search by typing in, for example, “legal online transcription jobs” or “companies that hire for legal online transcription.”

It worked for me: “I make $38,000 a year transcribing from home!”

Shawna Anderson transcribing
Shawna Anderson

48-year-old Shawna Anderson first entered the transcribing world when she was looking for a flexible way to earn money as a stay-at-home mom. Her friend raved to her about being a subcontractor for a transcription company named TKP Transcription Service.

“I contacted them and took a test in which I transcribed a sample of audio — and I passed on my first try,” she recalls. “TKP allows me to take on remote projects that fit with my schedule, and I learn a ton about interesting topics. With them, I transcribe everything from focus groups to books, magazine articles and more. I quickly learned that the key to success is attention to detail, and I love the challenge!

“When my aunt, a court reporter, heard how happy I was with my side gig, she asked if I might want to work with her on projects too. With my youngest child starting school, the timing was perfect, and I added depositions and court proceedings to my repertoire. I then got certified with the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers, allowing me to work as an independent contractor.

“I devote about 30 hours a week to transcribing and bring in up to $38,000 a year — money that goes to my kids’ tuitions and mission trips for church. I work at my own pace. The flexibility is what I love the most. I get to work at my own pace from home, and I’m able to be there when my kids need me. Plus, I can travel anywhere and take my work with me!”

2. Be a virtual mock juror

Jury service is a unique opportunity for Americans to get hands-on participation in the judicial process. Thanks to the launch of virtual mock juror gigs, it’s also a way to earn extra income without leaving your home or needing a phone.

Online mock jurors go through the same proceedings as live ones, from opening statements to closing arguments, in the name of helping attorneys and other legal experts better prepare for cases. And if you love true-crime dramas, you’ll find the experience rewarding beyond the financial incentive.

Looking for a place to start? Check out eJury, OnlineVerdict and JuryTalk. Typically, companies will send you cases that you qualify for, and you can make the choice to take it or leave it based on your schedule. Keep in mind that you’ll have to complete a questionnaire answering personal questions, just like at in-person jury duty.

It worked for me: “I make $500 a day as a ‘juror’ in mock trials!”

Becky Blanton, mock juror
Becky Blanton

A retired police officer, 66-year old Becky Blanton was always fascinated by the jury process. A few years ago, she saw an ad for pretrial jurors on, signed up and realized it’s such a great way to bring in extra cash. How it works: The ‘jurors’ are normal people hired by law firms to sit in on a mock trial in order for the attorneys to understand how a ‘jury of one’s peers’ really feels about a case before it goes to trial. 

“I find the ‘trials’ on sites like and, on law firms’ websites and on Craigslist. In the past, to qualify, they ask about your availability and transportation, plus if you’ve ever served on a jury,” says Blanton.

“I usually get assigned to a mock trial immediately, and it occurs either the same day or later that week at the attorney’s office in a conference room. But nowadays, you can do them from home on Zoom. It’s a one-day commitment, and the attorneys are only interested in what the jurors think about the case — the more detailed you are in your opinions, the better. Since there’s no way of telling what they want and each firm is different, I always just answer honestly.

“The pay ranges from $200 for a half day to $500 for a full day, and I get paid in cash or with a check right after the ‘trial’ ends. The money I make goes toward doing fun things that I normally couldn’t afford to do, like taking sailing classes. Plus, getting paid well just to express my opinion is always great!”

3. Share your opinion in online surveys

Want to get paid to speak your mind from the comfort of your own home? It’s easier than ever, thanks to companies who are looking for your feedback for their market research.

All you need to start making money with online surveys is an internet connection. Reputable companies include Branded Surveys and Swagbucks (Swagbucks also offers other ways to earn extra cash, like watching videos and shopping online). InboxDollars is another website that will pay you to watch short video clips and simply answer a few questions afterward.

It worked for me: “I make $1,000 a month taking surveys!”

Kelly Land, work from home job no phone
Steven McBride Photography, Inc.

When her kids were younger, 55-year-old Kelly Land needed a job that let her make her own schedule. While searching online, she ended up signing up at sites like and, where she could earn points taking a survey or watching a mock-up ad and answering questions.

“I’ve done surveys on cars, cat food and online shopping. They ask demographic questions, then ones like, ‘How often do you buy groceries?’ Answering surveys takes from 1 to 45 minutes,” she explains.

“There’s no investment to do these programs, and the sign-up process is typically simple, so it’s a great way to earn a decent supplemental income. I bring in anywhere from $225 a month to well over $1,000, and the money helps my family out in so many ways, from buying my son’s college textbooks to paying for summer camp for my daughter. There’s a steady flow of cash as the checks trickle in, plus some programs allow you to earn points that can be used to snag gift cards to Starbucks and other stores and restaurants.

“Sometimes I work in the early morning, and sometimes I work late into the night. I love being able to get up from my desk whenever I want. If I feel like it, I can even take a 30-minute walk. And after doing this for a while, it occurred to me that these days, everyone is struggling to make ends meet, so I started my own website,, where I post my secrets and offer tips on how to earn money online. I’m always updating the site to try to help others add cash to their bottom line.”

4. Sell handmade products on Etsy

Although Etsy does charge listing fees, it offers a ton of benefits — like secure payments and a huge market of potential buyers, which means less time spent marketing.

It worked for me: “I make $100,000 a year with my eco-friendly designs!”

Jeanine O’Brien work from home no phone

53-year-old Jeanine O’Brien has always been passionate about the environment. So when she found a way to upcycle old lobster rope into beautiful wreaths and doormats, preventing it from piling up in dumpsters and landfills, she was delighted. She was even more excited when she realized how simple and straightforward it was to sell her items on Etsy.

“Growing up near the ocean, I’ve always been familiar with handling rope, so I tried weaving the wreaths with a Turk’s Head knot, an old maritime knot. Through trial and error, I developed optimal sizing and designs and created jigs to speed up the process,” says O’Brien, who adds each one takes an hour to create.

“I made a bunch for a community craft show, and they were a hit, so we began selling them on Wharf Wrap and recently launched our own website, where we also sell lobster rope doormats, garlands and pet leashes. Our items range from $15 to over $265 and we make about $25,000 a year on the wreaths alone and over $100,000 in total sales per year!

“It warms my heart to help solve a marine waste issue. Plus, I get to spend time with my husband as we put the profits earned toward renovating our old farmhouse together!” 

5. Teach online classes

Did you know that teaching online is one of the fastest growing remote jobs? No phone is needed — just an internet connection. There’s a particular need for online English teachers, especially for students in Asia. Many platforms don’t require previous teaching experience; just the ability to teach English to international students.

Some popular platforms include Outschool, VIPKid and QKids. To find more opportunities, try searching: “get paid to teach online,” “companies hiring online teachers” or “teach English online with no experience.”

It worked for me: “I make up to $2,000 a month teaching on Outschool!”

In 2020, 55-year-old Maria Thorne retired from teaching and was looking for ways to make money from home.

“I came across Outschool, an online learning platform. I loved the idea of working with kids remotely and making my own schedule,” says Thorne.

“To apply, I answered some questions and created an introduction video and mini ­lesson. Since I wanted to teach craft classes, I recorded a tutorial on how to make wallets out of duct tape, and Outschool welcomed me aboard within a few hours!

“On average, I spend 5 to 10 hours a week teaching arts and crafts, STEM, geography, social skills and language arts classes from my home craft room. I offer holiday-themed art classes, so months with holidays are my busiest times. These classes coincide with when children are out of school, so there’s always a demand! 

“I earn up to $2,000 per month with Outschool. I have full control over the price of each class and the number of participants, and get paid via PayPal. Outschool instructors keep 70% of the class fees. This income has allowed me to pay off debt and help my kids with college and furniture shopping. 

“I love the children and families that I have had the privilege of meeting, and seeing positive reviews on my profile makes my day. I get to do all of the things that make teaching fun and none of the things that once burned me out.”

6. Share your skills with older adults

We all have our own unique skills to share with the world. Thanks to the rise of virtual platforms, you can get paid to do so without leaving the house and without using a phone! All you need is interent.

GetSetUp is one great company that will pay you to share your knowledge — from baking to tai chi to arts and crafts — in live virtual classes. The classes are all for people over 55, taught by people over 55. To find other opportunities, try searching “get paid to teach skills online” or “companies hiring online teachers.”

It worked for me: “I earn up to $1,500 a month teaching tech skills to older adults!”

VIcki Soll work from home jobs no phone
VIcki Soll

When 64-year-old Vicki Soll retired from her career in technology, she wanted to do something rewarding with her free time. A friend told her about GetSetUp, the largest online learning platform customized for older adults.

“The prospect of sharing my passion for technology with others in a meaningful way excited me, so I applied online to be a GetSetUp Guide,” she says.

“After two rounds of interviews, I was officially hired to teach basic tech skills virtually. I completed an online training program, then was ready to hit the ground running! Now, I teach 18 different classes on everything from Google Drive to Zoom basics. The classes range in size, but most are capped at 15 to 30 learners, which makes it more intimate. Classes are held in real time, so there’s great interaction. 

“Training people on useful tech skills has been so rewarding, and this mission became even more important during the pandemic, when so much of our lives shifted online. All GetSetUp Guides are older adults, and our students appreciate that we are retired, patient and empathetic. 

“The freedom to choose my own schedule has been incredible, and I usually average about 15 hours a week. All Guides are paid a flat rate of $25 per hour — about $1,500 a month for me — which goes toward fun extras, as well as my retirement fund. I love watching learners’ confidence increase. It’s thrilling to see them courageously try until they succeed!” 

Bonus: To check out GetSetUp’s free online classes on everything from cooking to technology to art, click through to our Online Learning Hub.

7. Turn your clutter into cash on Facebook Marketplace

If you have a Facebook profile, you have unlimited earning potential on Facebook Marketplace. It’s totally free for anyone to use, and you can even get paid to declutter your home when you list items you want to get rid of anyway. Plus, you set the terms for how you prefer to get paid, whether that’s cash, Venmo, PayPal or something else.

The keys to success on Facebook Marketplace are crisp, quality photos and clear descriptions of the items for sale. Beyond being able to set your own prices, an added bonus is that you can connect with people in your community who are thrilled to receive a “new to them” item.

Prefer to skip the social aspect? No problem — Facebook Marketplace sellers choose how items get picked up. You can just as easily put the item in your front yard and request digital payment for a “no contact” pickup.

It worked for me: “I make up to $4,000 a month selling vintage items!”

Kathleen Colan
Kathleen Colan

Years ago, when Kathleen Colan, 54, wanted to stop acquiring so much stuff, curb her spending and have the money to travel, she decided to hold an estate sale to get rid of the many items she had accumulated throughout the years.

“That day, I brought in an easy $2,500, and I had so much fun doing it that I realized regularly reselling items could be a great way to make some extra cash,” she explains.

“I started by listing items that I had on platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Everything But The House, The RealReal and 1stDibs. I took photos, wrote a description and posted the items. Once they sold, I shipped them to the buyer. Soon I ran out of things of my own to sell, so I started hunting for resalable goods at thrift stores and other estate sales. I now go almost every day to search for items I can sell. 

“I mostly sell midcentury modern decor, high-end designer fashion, vintage bags and vintage lingerie. I spend between 10 and 15 hours a week, which includes the time I spend shopping, posting, packaging and mailing. 

“I love the history behind some of the items that I find, and I still get the same tinge of excitement with each sale. I make up to $4,000 month — money that pays the bills and allows me to take vacations.”

Looking for more WFH options? is a great website that researches, rates and reviews more than 450 online platforms. is another reputable resource full of ways to boost your bank account.

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