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10 Hilariously Relatable Moments That Will Make You Think ‘Yup, I’m Getting Old’

No one really likes to talk about getting older. In fact, most of us do everything we can to prevent our bodies from giving away how many candles we might be blowing out on our next birthday cake. Various creams, lotions, and serums can help make our wrinkles fade, but they can’t cover up those times when life reminds us just how older we’re really getting. It doesn’t take much, either: Maybe a small, off-handed comment from someone younger than us, and suddenly it feels like we’re being slapped in the face by Father Time.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting older, and we should all embrace the years of wisdom and experience we’ve gathered. That said, each of the hilarious moments below will likely give you a laugh or two as you remember the exact time they happened to you. Take a look to see which moment you relate to the most!

  1. The first time your doctor tells you that your symptoms are common for “someone your age.”
  2. Interacting with a teenager who hasn’t heard of CDs, VHS tapes, or 8-track players.
  3. When you get more excited about membership to a wholesale store than a gym.
  4. Suddenly caring more about how your neck looks in photos than the rest of your body.
  5. Any time a new phantom pain starts popping up for reasons you can’t explain.
  6. Noticing every single gray hair as they sprout one by one.
  7. When customer service workers start calling you “ma’am.”
  8. Being baffled by your kids’ or grandkids’ homework when you try to help them out.
  9. The undeniable joy of purchasing a new appliance or cleaning tool.
  10. Putting on your reading glasses to pluck your chin and lip hairs.

If you found yourself saying “Yup, that’s me,” be sure to share the whole list with your friends so you can all have a good chuckle. After all, it’s our sense of humor that keeps us young no matter how old we get!

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