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Does Your Cat Freak Out Going to the Vet? This Soothing Music Can Help


Most pets aren’t fond of trips to the vet, but cats can be especially prone to freaking the heck out. Just the sight of a carrying case is often enough set them off, but new research claims that simply playing a certain music can help soothe those nerves.

A study published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery observed how cats reacted to silence, classical music, or cat-specific music during three separate physical exams. The researchers recorded the cat stress cores (CSS) and handling scale scores (HSs). In other words, they measured the kitties’ level of anxiety and how difficult that made it for veterinarians to hold onto them during each exam.

Their results showed that cat-specific music was able to significantly decrease the amount of stress and handling issues. This is great news for anyone who struggles to keep their felines calm at the vet or even at home. But wait, what even is cat music

According to the researchers, the melodic tunes should include cat vocalizations and rewarding sounds. That doesn’t mean playing songs that call them good boys and girls, though. Instead, it’s hearing things like suckling and purring noises.

The study used the song by David Teie shown below — hit play around your favorite feline and see if you notice them looking more blissed out than usual!

It might seem a little silly or strange, but we can all relate to our favorite songs or sounds being able to relax us. George Harrison’s solo work is my personal go-to when I need to chill out. So why wouldn’t cats be the same? You can find more of David Teie’s soothing cat music on YouTube and Spotify. There are a ton of other options out there, but it needs to be ones that include actual cat sounds, not just classical music.

Whether it’s a vet appointment, regular travel, or any other type of trigger that sets your cat’s anxiety off, having a playlist of these songs ready to go will make you both feel so much better! We’re sure your vet won’t mind you streaming the songs from your phone during the appointment, and it’s probably a good idea to play it in the car on the way there.

After all, we want our furbabies to always be as happy as they make us feel with their sweet faces!

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