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8 Things Your Cat Is Trying to Tell You With Its Tail

A thorough understanding of a cat’s tail meanings, aka what the different tail positions indicate about a kitty’s mood and desires, is crucial for deciphering what your fur baby is trying to communicate to you. After all, cats can’t use their words to tell us their food bowl needs refilling. Here are the most common cat tail movements and what they mean.

1. High in the Air

This position indicates that your kitty is content and confident. You may even notice your cat’s tail twitching, which is an especially good sign: This means your feline is feeling extra fine. 

2. Curved

If your cat’s tail looks like a furry question mark, he or she is ready to play. Now’s the time to put down whatever you’re doing in favor of playing your cat’s favorite game. 

3. Low

Be careful that your fur baby doesn’t take a swipe at you. For some kitties, this tail position indicates aggression, although some breeds (such as Persians) keep their tails low for no particular reason.

4. Tucked Between the Body

This tail position signals fear and submission, so check for any stimuli that may be worrying your kitty.

5. Puffy

A cat whose tail fur is sticking up on its ends is possibly frightened and trying to look larger to scare off predators. 

6. Whipping Back and Forth

Stay away from your kitty if his or her tail is moving back and forth rapidly. This is a sign that a cat is agitated and may attack.

7. Swishing

A tail that sways slowly from side to side indicates that your cat is very focused on something, perhaps a toy or a treat.

8. Wrapped Around Another Animal

This picture-perfect pose is doubly sweet because it’s a sign of affection. A cat wrapping its tail around another feline signals friendship, similar to the way humans put their arms around their buddies.

The tales a cat tells with its tail are obvious now that you know what to watch.

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