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10 Adorable Cats Who Refuse to Let You Do Any Laundry


How often have you found yourself ready to start a load of laundry or fold a freshly dried pile, only to find your cats making themselves comfortable on your clothes? It’s like all our fabric is secretly lined with kitty magnets.

Despite being frustrating (especially if the laundry just got cleaned), there’s also no denying our furbabies look absolutely precious all curled up on our clothing and linens. It also makes sense to anyone who’s asked themselves, “Why is my cat in my laundry?” They likely immediately answered their own question, “Oh right, because it’s super soft and cozy.” 

On top of that, our clothes understandably smell like us, making the items all the more enticing for our felines to snuggle into when we aren’t able to pause our chores for a cuddle session. So really, spotting your cat in piles of laundry is just another sign that they really love you!

Take a look to see some of the most adorable cats who adorably refuse to let their owners do laundry.

Gray cat sleeping on folded laundry
Getty Images

Good luck telling this guy you need to put those shorts and sheets away.

Cat stretching in a laundry basket
Getty Images

Who could interrupt such a good stretch for something as silly as folding towels?

Gray and white cat in laundry hamper
Getty Images

Allow us to introduce you to the laundry version of Oscar the Grouch.

Gray cat sleeping on folded laundry
Getty Images

Those towels were obviously folded just for her to snooze on.

White and gray cat in laundry basket
Getty Images

He’s ready to pounce on anyone who decides it’s time to toss this in the washer.

Tabby cat's head poking out of pile of clothes
Getty Images

Be honest: We’d all immerse ourselves in a cozy pile like this if we could.

Fluffy orange cat on freshly folded towels
Getty Images

At least she matches the color palate while she makes herself comfy.

Gray cat in laundry hamper
Getty Images

This cutie hid all the sock pairs so you’d take longer emptying the hamper.

Two white and gray cats on clothes
Getty Images

They reserved this laundry pile suite for two a month ago and you will not be kicking them out.

Orange cat on pile of bright clothes
Getty Images

You know when toe beans hit the air, that’s a snooze you just can’t disrupt.

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