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Tape a Square on the Floor and We Guarantee Your Cat Will Get Adorably Cozy Inside It

If you think cats sitting in boxes are adorable, just wait until you see cats sitting in squares — squares made of masking tape, that is! In quite possibly the cutest internet trend of all time, kitty owners are sharing pictures of their pets making themselves comfy within square frames of masking tape marked out on the floor. Of course, feline fans are going wild on social media.

It’s hard to say exactly when, where, or how the trend originated, but as soon as cat owners hear about this fun experiment, many of them can’t resist trying it out on their own pets.

“I found out that when you make a tape square on the floor, your cat feels the need to sit in it,” wrote Twitter user @DelChellll on her page, with an accompanying photo of her too-cute cat doing exactly that.

And @DelChelll is far from alone. Plenty of folks out there are taking to sites like Reddit and Twitter to show off the hilariously sweet results of testing this trick out on their cats.

We know what you’re wondering: Why on earth do cats do this? Nicholas Dodman, professor emeritus of behavioral pharmacology and animal behavior at Tufts University, explained that the reason is similar to why cats settle into cardboard boxes, suitcases, and sinks.

In a PBS article, he wrote, “It’s just a fact of life that cats like to squeeze into small spaces where they feel much safer and more secure. Instead of being exposed to the clamor and possible danger of wide open spaces, cats prefer to huddle in smaller, more clearly delineated areas.” In this case, that small, clearly delineated area happens to be a square — which might seem like a virtual “box” to them, despite not having any walls. Interesting stuff!

Someone told me that if I made a masking tape square on my floor, my cat would go in it. Cats are strange. from r/funny
Fun fact: if you tape a square on the floor, your cat will sit in it. from r/funny

It’s worth mentioning that not every single cat falls for this trick. Some pet owners reported their cats not budging toward the tape squares or even walking right through them without a second glance (hmm, maybe some of these cats are onto us!).

That said, it’s a safe and fun way to play around with your cat on a boring day, so why not test it out for yourselves and see what happens?

We heard about the trick where you put a box shape on the floor in tape and a cat will still sit in it. Pepper fell for it hook line and sinker.
Read where cats will respond to a square made of tape. He passed the test within seconds.
I read somewhere that if you tape a square on the floor, you will trap a cat. Slash proved the theory…

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