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Clueless Dad Comes Back From Groomer With a Different Dog


Though we know our hubbies will always have our backs, there’s no denying that once in a while signals get crossed and they end up not quite finishing a chore correctly (if you’ve ever sent your partner on a grocery run, then you probably know what we’re talking about). On Wednesday, May 2, a befuddled dad of two proved this rule when he turned a simple task into a hilarious mixup.

The errand in question? Picking the dog up from the groomers. Alex Maldonado’s father dropped by the local PetSmart to retrieve their family dog, only to come home with an identical mystery pup. What’s even funnier, Mr. Maldonado didn’t even realize his mistake until his sons pointed out the pooch’s differences.

“My dad said that he didn’t notice any difference because the dog acted like it was his,” Alex wrote in a personal essay on the blogging site Love What Matters. “She even jumped in the car when he opened the door. When he got home my brother and I noticed the dog was slightly bigger and had tear stains, which ours doesn’t (clearly my dad doesn’t pay attention to detail). When we told him that wasn’t our dog, he thought we were messing with him, but after like a minute or so of carefully examining her, he noticed too. After we told him to take the dog back he said, ‘I have to fix this before your mom gets home,’ and then [he] went to take her back and get our real dog back.”

Alex and his brother thought the accidental trade was so funny they decided to post a video of the switcheroo on Twitter. The 20-second clip shows an extremely confused dad, a cute white dog, and a bunch of laughter from his two boys. Click on the tweet below to see their pop’s reaction once he realizes this furry pooch isn’t the family dog he originally dropped off.

“My dad took my dog to Petsmart to get groomed and he came back with a different dog and didn’t notice until my brother and I told him something,” Alex tweeted.

To his surprise, thousands of internet users shared the funny clip. After seeing how many people were interested in his story, Maldonado began posting updates, including a short video of his dad loading the stolen pup into his car. “I’ll miss you so much,” he joked.

On his second trip to PetSmart, Alex’s dad sent a group text message to the family with a photo of their dog, asking if he’d gotten it right this time.

“He went back to get my real dog,” Alex tweeted. “And he ain’t taking any chances.”

Alex updated his followers with one final post of a photo of his actual dog, Nieve, groomed and happy at home.

As for the mystery pup? Alex reassured his fans that she is doing just fine.

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