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Wondering If Your Cat Loves You? It’s All in How They Blink, Experts Say


Ever wondered, “Does my cat love me?” If so, you’re definitely not alone. After all, felines are quite mysterious when it comes to showing affection, and they’re often much more reserved than pet dogs. But according to cat experts, there’s a pretty easy way to tell if your kitty is showing you some love: Simply watch how it looks at you.

It may seem a little silly to pay such close attention to your cat’s eyes, but cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy says on his YouTube channel that a very slow blink from a cat is essentially the feline’s way of saying “I love you.” Galaxy explains that since cats are naturally wired to protect themselves from being preyed upon, they wouldn’t normally close their eyes so slowly unless they were trying to communicate. And in this case, the message couldn’t be more heartwarming.

“They’re letting you know that they are vulnerable to you,” Galaxy said. 

It gets even cuter: As Catster reports, these oh-so-subtle signs of affection are often dubbed “kitty kisses.” In case you’re wondering, you absolutely can return a “kitty kiss” right after they give you one. (And why wouldn’t you, especially if your feline has been a very good boy or girl that day?)

The “I love you” blink is quite easy to accomplish. Galaxy says all you have to do is relax your face when you do the slow blink back to your cat. He adds that it helps to look at your kitty with “soft eyes.” In other words, don’t stare at your cat — you might end up having the exact opposite effect and freak him or her out! 

Once you ease into a nice slow blink routine with your cat, you might be surprised how long this sweet little game can last. Maybe it’s a chance for your precious pet to tell you just how happy he or she is — and warm your heart along the way.

After all, they do say that eyes are the window to the soul. Who knew the same was true for cats, too?

Next, see some gorgeous two-faced cats that’ll make you do a double-take in the video below:

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