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7 Emotional Stages of Taking Your Cat to the Pet Hospital


No matter how great of a cat mama you are, your kitty will probably get sick at some point or another. Whether it’s a fever, vomiting, or a nasty infection, our precious pets are not immune to illness — and sadly, there’s only so much we can do to protect them. But as upsetting as any cat sickness is, there’s nothing quite as painful as seeing your poor feline get so ill that he or she needs to go to the pet hospital.

After all, cats can’t communicate with us the same way that humans can when they’re feeling under the weather. Kitties can’t tell us when they first started feeling sick, they can’t say what hurts and what doesn’t hurt, and they certainly can’t inform us on how we can help them feel better. From the terrifying moment you first realize they’re unwell to the second they finally get the treatment they need to feel better, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be on edge. So if you ever need to take your cat to the animal hospital, be prepared to feel the following emotions and corresponding thought processes that are practically universal for loving pet owners.

taking cat to pet hospital

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

1. Utter Panic

Oh no, you’re sick! You can’t be sick. But you are. This is the worst thing to ever happen to you. You never get sick. What do I do? Who do I call? What animal hospitals are even open at this hour?

2. Deep Guilt

This has to be my fault. I must have done something to cause this. Did I not give you enough water? Was your food spoiled? Is it that I’m not driving fast enough to get you to the hospital right now?

3. Anxious Impatience

OK, the doctors took your vitals. They took my information. And now they’re taking their sweet time. Hello! Anyone? I’ve got a sick cat here!

4. Fuming Frustration

How much paperwork could there really be? How many animals already got to go to their exam rooms? What on earth is taking so long? Kitty, maybe you’re not looking sick enough. Where are those sad eyes you always give me? We need them now!

5. Nervous Anticipation

Finally! The doctor is in. Now, it’s time to hear the diagnosis. Anything you need, kitty, I’ll pay for it. I’ll talk the doc through all your symptoms for the millionth time if I have to. I’ll hold your paw if you need a shot. Hey — why are you leaping off of the exam table?

6. Restrained Relief

Now we know what we need to do to get you back to your old playful self again. Are you ready? I’m ready. Hey, why are you clawing at me? I’m not the one that gave you the shot!

7. Elated Exhaustion

Thank goodness we’re finally home. I know how much you hate the hospital, but you look better already. I’m glad we went — aren’t you? (Please don’t claw me.)

Next, see some adorable sleepy kitties that just need a good catnap in the video below:

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