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These Hilarious ‘Twice Divorced’ Birds Will Make Your Day

Have you ever looked at animals and made up your own silly stories about them? I know my cat would constantly demand more treats like a bratty rich kid in a movie requesting extra dessert: “Mother! My dish is empty and I require more!” (I love her, but she is definitely more of a Veruca Salt than a Charlie Bucket, in Willy Wonka terms.)

This is the exact type of thing that sparked the hilarious Twitter thread that has been making us giggle all afternoon. And since it’s the weekend, and we’re in a silly mood, we thought we’d share it with you. The first tweet includes a photo of two particularly fine-feathered birds and the simple message: “My new thing is finding birds that look like they are twice divorced.”

Doesn’t the extravagant plumage remind you of a fancy fur coat a woman with the type of extra cash two wealthy ex-husbands could provide might wear? (Not that she couldn’t have made it all on her own.) 

Ironically, the bird on the left is most likely a male known as a “ruff.” The name is unsurprisingly inspired by the collar-like way these males’ necks fluff up while mating. But that’s not quite as entertaining as imagining them counting their alimony money after dodging a couple of prenup agreements, right?

After the original tweet, more folks were inspired to get in on the fun with their own feathery finds. 

If life was an animated film with talking animals, we could totally see this bird saying something like that after being offended by “improper” service at a white table cloth restaurant. Another user chimed in with an incredibly ornate-looking beauty who may or may not have had a more devious way of getting rid of her husband…

I don’t know about you, but I would read a murder mystery novel that unravels this femme fatale’s story. Or maybe some of these twice-divorced birds would like to hang out with cats who like to wear hats and share fashion tips with each other. 

Whatever the case may be, it’s all certainly a hoot to think about. Happy weekend! 

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