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What Your Aura Can Tell You About Your Beauty + Skincare Needs: Expert Breaks Down Each Hue

Plus the products, colors and remedies to support each vibration

Recently, I was invited to have my aura read. I’d heard of auras in the past, so I was familiar. Still, I didn’t realize that the colored energy field that supposedly surrounds our body like a halo can hold answers to our relationships, career choices, futures and, yes, even self-care. While not scientifically proven, it’s widely accepted by those who embrace the metaphysical. I had the pleasure of virtually ‘sitting down’ with Janet Rae Orth, an internationally known intuitive consultant with over 28 years of experience guiding individuals toward their true path. I learned, among other things, that with my yellow aura, I need to drink more water and tend to require more of it than others — finally, a clear explanation for my lifelong battle with dry skin — and also might want to consider letting my natural grays grow in, as consistently dying my hair is harmful to my bright, cheery aura. Who knew?! Interested in finding what your aura colors can tell you about your skin and hair needs and vice versa? Read on.

How to discover your aura colors

aura colors

If you, too, are looking for answers, they could be right under — or should I say around — your nose. “You can see your aura using your inner knowingness or clairvoyant (clear seeing) ability,” says Orth. “To do this, just sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus on you. Imagine that you are looking at your body from the outside and looking at what colors you see. Or ask yourself what color your aura is. Don’t overthink it; the first answer is the right one. This might come to you as colors you see in your mind, or the answer may be more of a knowingness,” advises Orth. Your aura can be one color or a combination of two. 

That said, only some people need to make a change. “If the colors of your aura are bright, clear and flowing, you are healthy. If the colors are dark or seem stuck or unmoving, there may be something you are holding onto or some blocks that may make you feel less than your best,” explains Orth.

This YouTube video below can help you find your aura colors:

What you aura color says about you and your beauty needs

Because we’re always willing to try anything in the name of self-improvement, we asked Orth to break down each of the aura colors and explain what it likely means to your beauty and self-care regimens. 

If your aura color is gray:

Any shade of gray in the aura colors spectrum usually “indicates you have been overdoing it, especially with electronics,” says Orth. “You may feel tired, overwhelmed and have some eye fatigue.” 

Solution: For this color, “It’s time to add some shimmering bronzer and some highlights in the hair to help inspire this vibration,” suggests Orth. She says gray auras can brighten up those tired eyes with vitamin C-based eye cream and shades of purple and blue shadows. “Colored makeup is important to shake off some of the heaviness a person with this aura color feels,” she adds. 

If your aura color is yellow: 

Yellow is a cheerful color associated with sunshine, joy and ease. You may just need a little refresh now and then. 

Solution: Orth recommends a chlorophyll supplement and a skincare routine that includes aloe vera products and vitamin C creams to refresh and restore the skin. “This vibration wants to shine, so bright-colored lipsticks like pink or red are called for,” she advises. She says simplicity in makeup, such as simple eyeliner, mascara and bright blush, will also support this vibration. “Clear nails or a French manicure are in order, as is natural hair.” And, of course, drink more water. 

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If your aura color is purple: 

Purple is a powerful color: think royalty and the precious stone Amethyst. It wants you to appear bold and reign supreme.

Purple amethysts
MvH / Getty

Solution: “Wearing pink and purple eye shadow shades with added shimmer would support this vibration as would dramatic hair such as pin straight or big curls,” attests Orth. “Collagen supplements will give the body the support it needs, and so would regular exercise as this color wants to express strength.” 

If your aura color is blue: 

Blue represents water, balance and flow, says Orth, and could mean you need more of that in your life.  

Solution: The key here is hydration, both inside and out. “Use a hydrating B5 serum to nourish the skin and electrolytes to support the body internally,” advises Orth. For makeup, look for a “soft cream shimmer,” with soft, calming shades, and accent it with a good blowout,” suggests Orth. “This vibration wants a refined, smooth and perfectly styled look without a hair out of place. Think old Hollywood glamour,” she adds. 

If your aura color is green: 

Green is the color of enthusiasm, new beginnings and healing. Time to shed the old (as in skin) to make way for the new.

Solution: Break out the loofah sponge or use a sugar scrub to detox the skin, says Orth. “When you see this color, hyaluronic acid or Retin-A would be good products to help renew the skin. Products supporting detoxification, like milk thistle, would help the body restore itself and prepare for more activity,” she explains. After you’ve sloughed away old cells, follow up with a rose water toner and a potent moisturizer. 

If your aura color is red:

While red is a color of passion, it can also represent anger or frustration. In either scenario, red wants to stand out and be noticed, says Orth. 

Solution: “Think mauve, red and pink for lipstick. For eyes, go bold with winged or a striking color liner, like royal blue,” she advises. “Bright nails in deep purple, electric blue or red would support this vibration, and for skin care, a good cleanser, pore cleanser or facial mask,” she adds.

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If your aura color is brown: 

Brown is a grounding color, going inward and being solid and still. Unlike red, brown does not want to stand out and could require more time to rest than others. 

Solution: For eyes, look for cream colors, beige, brown or gold shimmer shadows accented with natural eyeliner. Matte lipstick in muted colors would support this vibration,” says Orth. For hair, “rich color highlights or chestnut red lowlights would add depth and interest to this vibration. For skincare, think vitamin C serum and hydrating lotions,” she advises. “This color wants to rest, so go to bed early.” 

shot of vitamin C serum
Anna Efetova/Getty

If your aura color is orange: 

Like yellow, orange is another positive and happy vibration. “It is a color of renewal. This color says it’s time for some self-care,” says Orth. 

Solution: Deep hydrating overnight products for the skin and hair help refresh and renew the orange aura. “This color likes clean looks, so simple makeup and hair is best with just a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, pink blush and pink lipstick,” says Orth. “Soak in an Epsom salt bath, and paint your nails in light, bright spring colors, like blue, pink and lavender.”

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If your aura color is white: 

White is a color that says you are going through the motions and not fully present in the moment, says Orth. “Sometimes white auras can be in a space of wanting to hide.” 

Solution: Support this color by going makeup-free, with a simple manicure and smooth hair, advises Orth. “Rematch your foundation and make sure it still works, and soak in a tub with drops of essential oils that inspire, like lemon or orange,” she adds. “Trim your bangs, get rid of split ends and replace your old makeup sponges and brushes.”

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If your aura color is black: 

Maybe there has been some loss, depression or change. “This is a time to remake yourself,” attests Orth. 

Solution: Start by adding new colors to your makeup bag. “Add purple or blue eyeliner, go soft in blush colors and wear light mauve or natural brown shades of lipstick. Come back out to the world slowly,” she says. “Hydrate the skin and hair with products containing coconut, olive or jojoba oils, and take collagen peptides to reduce the inflammation associated with this vibration. Use lemon or rose essential oils under the nose and behind the ears to lift your spirits!”

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