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The Most Satisfying Blackhead Removal Videos on the Internet


What is it about blackhead removal videos that are so darn entertaining? It seems that no matter how gross or graphic they get, these wacky, weirdly satisfying videos seem to keep scores of people on the Internet coming back for more. Squeezing skin, popping pimples, pulling out ear wax — there’s something strangely calming about watching these nasty-yet-fascinating procedures go down, isn’t there? The Internet at large just can’t seem to get enough, ourselves included.

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Blackhead extractions in particular are almost therapeutic to watch, and we’re not quite sure why. Is it the element of surprise? After all, there’s no way of knowing just exactly what will come out of a clogged pore — or how much of it (ewww!). Bottom line, if you’re someone who frequently finds yourself fighting the urge to pick at your skin (um, all of us?) watching someone else go through the process is somehow just as relieving and — yes, we’re willing to admit it — downright relaxing. See just what we mean in the video below.

Sure, it’s a little gross, but it’s also kind of awesome, and we think you’ll join us in agreement once you get through all of these graphic blackhead removal video clips. If think you can’t sit through the whole thing, don’t worry: We know you’ll be back to watch it again later.

See some of the Internet’s most satisfying blackhead removal videos.

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