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5 Tricks for Salon-Worthy Hair in Your Own Bathroom


With fall’s crisp, cool air and low humidity, it’s easy to kiss frizz, flatness and dryness goodbye and really enjoy perfect-looking hair. And for your best look ever, steal a few tweaks from A-list hair pro Kyra Dorman — who’s styled everyone from Mariah Carey to Danica Patrick.

The secret to: Sleek, smooth hair… super-small sections

Take a small section of hair — about 1 inch — wrap it around a round, boar-bristle brush and pull the hair taut. Aim the dryer nozzle down the section, and repeat throughout your hair. “Smaller sections allow the brush and heat to evenly penetrate the hair,” says Dorman, “so you end up with a smoother look than you would with a thicker section of hair.”

The secret to: Bouncy, defined curls…”wrapped” curls

Just place your curling iron near the roots and wrap a small section of hair clockwise along the length of the iron, swirling it around the barrel like a candy cane. Hold for 10-15 seconds and release. “When you wrap your curls this way, the whole curl stays in contact with the iron for springy, well-defined curls.” says Dorman.

Tip: Prefer waves? After you’re done curling your hair, use a paddle brush to smooth out some of the curl for lush Veronica Lake-style waves.

The secret to: Lush, vibrant color… color-enhancing conditioner

Just got your hair colored? Hold on to that gorgeous shade with a color-enhancing conditioner. They’re infused with plant extracts that enrich your specific color; conditioners with clove extract (such as Aveda Clove Color Conditioner) bring out the rich, warm tones in brown hair, while conditioners with chamomile and lemon extract (such as John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Conditioner) keep highlights bright and golden.

The secret to: Full, lasting volume… silk-enriched mousses

“Silk proteins coat each strand, building up their diameter, instantly making your hair look thicker” says Dorman. Apply a silk-infused hair mousse (such as Finesse Self Adjusting Volumizing Mousse or Biosilk Silk Mousse) through damp hair. And for maximum body, use a vented round brush as you dry.

The secret to: Glossy, mega-watt shine… sealed cuticles

The most light-reflective surface is a smooth surface. “That’s why hair is at its shiniest when the cuticles are sealed shut,” says Dorman. Her cuticle-sealing trick: Apply a smoothing oil (such as got2b Oil-licious Calm & Shine Styling Oil) onto wet hair; then dry it with an ionic hair dryer (such as Conair Infiniti Pro Salon Performance Hair Dryer). “The oil smoothes down hair cuticles, and the ions emitted from the dryer seal them shut!” Result: A mirror-like shine.

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