Instantly Eliminate Dark Circles and Fine Lines With This Genius Makeup Hack

Take years off your face.

As we get older, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes tend to become a problem. Whether the reasons are hormonal or genetic, or you’ve just been missing out on your beauty rest as of late, nothing changes the fact that they add years to your face. But if you typically just throw on some concealer and foundation without a second thought, we recently stumbled upon a makeup hack for tired eyes you’ll be glad we shared.

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The ‘Set and Bake’ Hack for Dark Circles and Wrinkles

When you’re trying to conceal dark under-eye circles, using concealer is a no brainer. But according to celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek, there’s more you can — and should — do to minimize lines and dark marks. He recently told SheFinds, about the genius hack he returns to for the job. His secret? The “set and bake.” Check out a video tutorial of the trick below.

The “set and bake” is a makeup technique that describes setting your foundation with powder, then letting it “bake” for a few minutes using the heat of your skin. First, Sesnek recommends applying a layer of concealer under your eyes, then applying a layer of your foundation on top of it and the rest of your face. (He says layering the makeup under the eye will help to camouflage dark spots.)

Next, blend well, then prepare to “set and bake.” The idea is that your body heat can “bake” the makeup which helps eliminate creasing, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines. To do it, Sesnek advises, “take a powder that is finely milled and specifically for setting and baking, and apply heavily to the under-eye area.” He says it’s best to use a detail brush or sponge for application, as this will give more full coverage to the area.

Finally, sprinkle on a facial mist after baking your makeup, and you’re done! Facial mists boost hydration, combating tired, dull-looking skin. “This brings back the luminous look to the skin, but keeps the coverage,” Sesnek explains. As for which products he recommends, he specifically mentions Catrice’s Prime & Fine Illuminating Dewy Glow Spray (Buy on Amazon, $8).

Little makeup tricks like the set and bake hack can go a long way in helping you look and feel your best. We love ones that take away that tired-eye look and help us appear energized and ready to tackle the day!

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