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13 of Trader Joe’s Best Skincare, Hair and Body Products for Women Over 50

Stock both your kitchen and beauty stash in one trip to Trader Joe's, as the store offers plenty of products for women 50+ 


The next time you make a trip to America’s favorite grocery store — Trader Joe’s, that is — you may want to take a stroll down their beauty aisle. Believe it or not, their skincare, hair and body products are amazing for women over 50 and beyond. And don’t just take it from us; the brand’s skincare and other beauty products are loved by many dermatologists, estheticians and influencers alike. Not only are they shockingly affordable, they contain good, effective ingredients your skin will love. Here, is the roundup of the best Trader Joe’s skincare, hair and body products to pick up and try for yourself, backed by a top dermatologist.

Do ‘cheaper’ beauty products from Trader Joe’s really work?

Does cost always indicate quality? “Absolutely not!” exclaims Pooja Rambhia, MD, a board-certified dermatologist. “While more expensive skincare products might suggest better ingredients, formulations and manufacturing standards, price doesn’t always equal quality.”

glass skincare bottles
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The price of a particular product can be due to a number of things outside of the actual efficacy of the product. For example, there is a huge emphasis in today’s consumer world on aesthetic packaging. “Prettier” packaging will likely lead to higher manufacturing costs, driving that retail price right up. “Luxury skincare brands often spend heavily on marketing and glamorous packaging, which increases their costs but doesn’t necessarily improve the product’s effectiveness,” affirms Dr. Rambhia.

When it comes to Trader Joe’s, the chain is known for it’s low-cost, wide variety of products. They are beloved for their delicious frozen meals as well as their fun, seasonal themed goodies. What they also have up their sleeves? Some really good and cheap beauty products. From body butters to retinols to hair sunscreen, there is a product for everyone, and we’re here to fill you in on the no-nonsense, just good quality items to add to your beauty arsenal.

13 best Trader Joe’s beauty products

mature woman shopping for hair products in store

Keep reading for the most beloved skincare, hair and body finds from the iconic TJ’s brand, which “are very budget-friendly and easily accessible to consumers, in addition to containing high-quality ingredients,” says Dr. Rambhia. A word of caution though from Dr. Rambhia: They don’t have the widest selection, so they may not work for every skin type.

Best Trader Joe’s skincare facial SPF

Trader Joe's Daily Facial Sunscreen
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Daily Facial Sunscreen SPF 40

“Trader Joe’s Daily Facial Sunscreen SPF 40 is a great oil-free and fragrance-free chemical sunscreen option that leaves no sticky residue or white caste and provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB coverage,” says Dr. Rambhia. A formula with both UVA and UVB coverage means it protects skin from both a painful sunburn and aging. “It absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a slightly matte finish — perfect in the summertime or for those with oily skin.” 

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Best Trader Joe’s skin care treatments

Trader Joe's Retinol Night Serum
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Retinol Night Serum

Retinol is known to be the secret weapon against aging and fighting wrinkles and fine lines. “The Trader Joe’s Retinol Night Serum is a great anti-aging serum for not only the face, but also the skin on your neck and chest!” suggests Dr. Rambhia. “The 0.3% retinol found in this serum can work to improve skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and even acne.” A word of warning: “If you are new to retinol-containing products, I would start this out slowly — 2-3x per week at night, followed by a moisturizer to minimize irritation and dryness.” 

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Trader Joe's Supreme Hydrating Eye Cream
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Supreme Hydrating Eye Cream

The skin underneath our eyes is more delicate and thin than the rest of the skin on our face, so it’s important to give it a little extra TLC! This eye cream contains anti-aging marine collagen, manuka honey, argan and other oils and skin-loving ingredients. And it’s super nourishing and hydrating.

Trader Joe's Marula Facial Oil
Trader Joe’s

Marula Facial Oil

If you need extra hydration at night or like to dermaplane, a good facial oil is a must. Marula oil has amazing antioxidants which help to combat signs of aging.

Best Trader Joe’s skincare facial moisturizer

Trader Joe's Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

“Trader Joe’s Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer is one of my go-to Trader Joe’s skincare products!” says Dr. Rambhia. “It’s a lightweight gel moisturizer that contains hydrating ingredients like glycerin, squalene and hyaluronic acid. It’s ideal for those with normal to oily skin given its gel-based formula.” Store it in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect.

Best Trader Joe’s skincare body products

Trader Joe's Fragrance Free Body Butter
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Fragrance Free Body Butter

If you have sensitive skin, it’s typically recommended to stay away from any fragrance, as it can irritate these skin types. And you guessed it, Trader Joe’s has you covered. It’s so important to hydrate skin after a shower, especially as you age and your skin naturally loses moisture. Slather on this fragrance-free body butter that is rich and thick for the ultimate nourishment.

Trader Joe's Brazil Nut Body Wash
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Wash

Hydration doesn’t just come after your shower; It should start in the shower. This body wash contains shea butter and coconut oil, so that even when you’re sudzing up, your skin is being taken care of.

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Trader Joe's Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF30
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF30

“One of my favorite Trader Joe’s body products is their zinc oxide mineral sunscreen broad spectrum SPF30 spray sunscreen. It is a light mineral sunscreen that includes 15% zinc oxide, that blends in easily into skin of color without leaving a dreaded white caste — not an easy feat,” says Dr. Rambhia. “It’s also ideal for reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, especially during beach or pool days!” This easy application is due to its convenient spray nozzle.

Trader Joe's Brazil Nut Body Scrub
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Scrub

Exfoliation is key to keeping skin soft and supple, especially as the seasons change which can wreak havoc on our bodies. A body scrub like this one can easily remove dead skin, and with a variety of oils, aloe leaf extract and guarana extract, it wont’ further dry out skin.

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Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter

As someone who regularly uses this body butter, I couldn’t leave it out. It feels extra luxe on but without the hefty price tag of many comparable body butters. Plus, it’s made with coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E, all of which help to deeply nourish skin.

Best Trader Joe’s hair care products

Trader Joe's Lemongrass Shampoo
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Lemongrass Moisturizing Shampoo

Made with botanical oils, like lemongrass, peppermint, argan and coconut (among others), as well as vitamin E, your strands will thank you for picking up this shampoo. Even better, it’s made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates and silicone, all of which could potentially damage hair.

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Trader Joe's Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Taking an “everything” shower and want to throw a hair mask into the routine? Look no further than this one from Trader Joe’s. Made with shea butter, coconut oil and fruit extracts, your hair will feel deeply conditioned after just a few minutes of use.

Trader Joe's Dry Shampoo
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Dry Shampoo

Suffering from a greasy hair day? You’ve probably heard by now of dry shampoo, which can nix oil fast. This Trader Joe’s dry shampoo is no exception. Plus, it’s easy to throw in your bag and bring with you for on-the-go touch ups throughout the day.

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