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The 15 Best Bridget Moynahan Movies and TV Shows

From 'Sex in the City' to 'Blue Bloods', here are our favorites!


Ah, Bridget Moynahan, the beautiful (and underrated) actress and former model whose movies and TV shows span decades. She got her start playing Mr. Big’s wife, Natasha, on Sex and the City at the same time she was showing off her dance movies in Coyote Ugly.

From there, her career took off, appearing in TV and movies and most recently playing Erin Reagan on the CBS procedural Blue Bloods. Some people think she landed her first parts because of her looks, but she has really shown us her acting chops through the years.  

In her personal life, Moynahan is famous for dating NFL quarterback Tom Brady from 2004 to 2006. Shortly after the pair split, Moynahan learned she was pregnant with their son, and she gave birth to her son Jack in 2007. Despite their separation, Moynahan and Brady have maintained a respectful co-parenting relationship and she’s the perfect example of taking the high road.

Here, we look back at our favorite Bridget Moynahan movies and TV shows.

15. Coyote Ugly (2000)

This was one of Moynahan’s first major film roles, after she transitioned from modeling to acting. It actually hit theaters around the same time as her role as Mr. Big’s wife, Natasha in Sex in the City.  Released in 2000, Coyote Ugly is a romantic musical comedy-drama directed by David McNally. The film follows Violet Sanford, played by Piper Perabo, an aspiring songwriter who moves to New York City to pursue her dreams. Bridget Moynahan plays Rachel, one of the Coyote Ugly bar’s charismatic bartenders who helps Violet navigate the challenges of the city. The movie became a cult classic, particularly for its energetic dance scenes and soundtrack.

14. I, Robot (2004): Bridget Moynahan movies and TV shows

Directed by Alex Proyas, I, Robot is a 2004 science fiction film set in a future where robots are part of everyday life. Will Smith stars as Detective Del Spooner, who investigates a crime that may have been committed by a robot. Moynahan plays Dr. Susan Calvin, a robot psychologist who helps Spooner in his investigation. The film, produced by Laurence Mark, John Davis, and Topher Dow, combines action and philosophical questions about technology and humanity. The chemistry between Smith and Moynahan helped make this a hit.          

13. Crown Vic (2019)

Crown Vic, a 2019 police drama directed by Joel Souza, features Moynahan in a supporting role. The film follows one night in the life of veteran LAPD officer Ray Mandel, played by Thomas Jane, and his rookie partner. Produced by Alec Baldwin and Anjul Nigam, Crown Vic provides a gritty look at the challenges faced by police officers.

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12. Serendipity (2001): Bridget Moynahan movies and TV shows

Serendipity a romantic comedy released in 2001 and directed by Peter Chelsom, features Moynahan in a supporting role as Halley Buchanan. The film stars John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale as strangers who meet by chance and are convinced that they are meant to be together. We love the themes of fate and love in this sweet film.

11. The Sum of All Fears (2002)

In 2002, Moynahan appeared in The Sum of All Fears, a spy thriller based on Tom Clancy’s novel. Directed by Phil Alden Robinson, the film stars Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst who uncovers a plot to trigger a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia. Moynahan plays Dr. Cathy Muller. The movie also stars Morgan Freeman and Ian Mongrain.

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10. Lord of War (2005): Bridget Moynahan movies and TV shows

Lord of War released in 2005 and directed by Andrew Niccol, stars Nicolas Cage as Yuri Orlov, an arms dealer navigating the complexities of the international arms trade. This crime-drama showcased Moynahan’s acting chops in the role of Ava Fontaine. The movie also stars Ethan Hawke and Jared Leto.

9. Battle Los Angeles (2011)

We love Moynahan in this action, adventure, sci-fi about a squad of U.S. marines who become the last line of defense against a global invasion. Moynahan stars alongside Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez. Interesting fact: Marines from Camp Pendleton helped train the actors for their roles, educating them in the military lifestyle. A number of actual marines also appear as extras in the film.

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8. Gray Matters (2006): Bridget Moynahan movies and TV shows

In 2006, Moynahan starred in Gray Matters, a romantic comedy directed by Sue Kramer. The film revolves around Gray and Sam, siblings who realize they might be in love with the same woman. Moynahan plays Charlie, the object of their affection. The film, produced by Bob Yari, focuses on themes of love and self-discovery. This all-star cast included Heather Graham, Tom Cavanagh, Molly Shannon and Sissy Spacek.

7. Prey (2007)

Prey, a 2007 thriller directed by Darrell Roodt, casts Moynahan in a leading role as Amy Newman, a woman who becomes trapped in a game reserve with her family and must fend off a pack of lions. The film, produced by Anant Singh, captures intense survival scenarios, showcasing Moynahan’s versatility in an action-packed setting. While the movie might seem a bit far-fetched, it’s actually based on a true story.

6. Noise (2007): Bridget Moynahan movies and TV shows

Directed by Henry Bean, Noise is a drama focusing on the character David Owen, played by Tim Robbins, who becomes increasingly disturbed by the noise pollution in New York City and starts taking matters into his own hands. Moynahan plays Helen Owen, David’s wife, adding a personal dimension to the protagonist’s crusade. The film was produced by Susan Hoffman and Michael London.

5. Six Degrees (2006-2007)

Six Degrees, a TV drama series that aired from 2006 to 2007, explores the intertwined lives of six New Yorkers. Created by Raven Metzner and Stuart Zicherman, the show features Moynahan as Whitney Crane, a publicist dealing with personal and professional challenges. Produced by J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk, the series delves into the complexities of urban life and relationships.

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4. Ramona and Beezus (2010): Bridget Moynahan movies and TV shows

Ramona and Beezus, a family comedy released in 2010 and directed by Elizabeth Allen, is based on the beloved children’s books by Beverly Cleary. Moynahan plays Dorothy Quimby, the mother of the titular characters Ramona and Beezus, played by Joey King and Selena Gomez, respectively.  John Corbett, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Duhamel are also in the film.

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3. John Wick (2014) and John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

In the action thriller John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2 directed by Chad Stahelski, Moynahan plays Helen Wick, the late wife of the titular character, portrayed by Keanu Reeves. Though her screen time is brief, her character’s death sets off the chain of events that drive the film’s plot. The movie, produced by Basil Iwanyk and David Leitch, became a massive hit, known for its intense action sequences and Reeves’ performance.

2. Sex in the City (1999-2000): Bridget Moynahan movies and TV shows

Who could forget Mr. Big’s beautiful wife Natasha? We all rooted for Carrie to land Mr. Big, so Natasha quickly became the love-to-hate character who seemed perfect in every way (hence the love-to-hate part).  She was tall, beautiful, graceful…and who could forget the scene where she ran after Carrie in the stairwell and fell (and lost a tooth in the process). She played her character to perfection. Reflecting back on the show, Moynahan said, “It was more than a great gig.”

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1. Blue Bloods (2010-2024) 

Blue Bloods, a police procedural drama that premiered in 2010, features Moynahan as Erin Reagan, an Assistant District Attorney and member of a family deeply rooted in law enforcement. The show, created by Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green, stars Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Will Estes. Produced by Leonard Goldberg, the series blends crime-solving with family dynamics, highlighting Moynahan’s role in its ongoing success. Moynahan even got to direct a few episodes.  

We love this show and were sad to hear that it’s not being renewed for another season. Moynahan also expressed sadness saying,  “I think it’s more saying goodbye to the people behind the characters. We’ve created such a family on set with each other and the crew — most of the crew’s been with us for 14 years, so we’ve been through a lot of weddings, births, deaths, and everything. We’ve been through it all with each other.”

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