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The Viral Swiffer Power Mop Refill Hack Professional Cleaners Swear by To Save Time + Money

All it takes is 90 seconds!

Few things make a house look and feel more clean than a sparkling and fresh scented floor. When you have a lot of people tracking dirt throughout your house, however, it’s not always easy to achieve. Mopping is a great way to eliminate the dirt, but dragging out your mop and bucket is never fun. Enter: Easy to use products like the Swiffer Power Mop. This mop cuts down on the hassle (it comes with a pre-made cleaning solution and pads, taking a ton of the hard work and mess out of mopping). The only downside? The cleaning solution runs out fast and replacing it can be costly. Plus, it always seems to drain right when you’re in the middle of cleaning when you aren’t in a position to trek to the market. Even worse? You have a DIY solution you can refill it with on your own but you can’t seem to get the bottle open to refill it. So we asked cleaning pros what they do, and they revealed their genius Swiffer Power Mop refill hack, plus the best solutions to use with the cleaning tool. Keep scrolling to learn their secrets!

Why the Swiffer Power Mop is so popular

A Swiffer PowerMop to use the  Swiffer Power Mop refill hack
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If mopping is one of your least favorite chores, products like Swiffer’s Power Mop can make the task so much easier. The company shares that the mopping pads feature 300 scrubbing strips that are great at picking up dirt and grime from everything from wood to grout.

Plus, the mop comes with a solution that gives you that same, fresh “mop and bucket” clean feeling for up to two hours. It squeezes it onto the floor as you mop so you don’t have to mix it into a bucket to use.

Watch the mop’s cleaning power in the video below:

The must-know Swiffer Power Mop refill hack

The power mop’s ready-made solution is a great time saver since you can just buy a new bottle when you run out. But if you regularly use the mop, you may find that you’re using up all the solution quickly. The cost of replacements can add up!

For that reason, many people have turned to filling the Swiffer bottles with their own cleaning solution. The only problem? Re-using the bottles is usually easier said than done as they’re tough to open. But not anymore with this Swiffer Power Mop refill hack!

Thankfully, it is possible to do! “The guys from Swiffer don’t really want you to refill their container,” says Enereyda Morales, a cleaner for Dallas Maids. “But if you soak the bottle cap in hot water for 90 seconds, it will come off so much easier.” The heat from the water expands the plastic cap so it’s able to be turned and opened!

TikTok user @PatrioticSongBird shows this helpful trick in her video:

Even more good news? This trick also works for similar Swiffer mops that include solutions, like the Swiffer Wet Jet. TikTok user @CaffeineAndClean shares that you may, however, need pliers to pull off the cap after it has soaked in the water.

DIY Swiffer Power Mop refill hack solution alternatives

Vinegar and water solution for  mopping once you know the Swiffer Power Mop refill hack
Yulia Panova/Getty

Once you’ve removed the cap from the solution bottle, you can fill it with the cleaner of your choice! “Murphy’s Oil Soap has worked great for me,” shares Morales. “Around 3 tablespoons per bottle is okay, and fill the rest with warm/hot water. If you see it leaving too much residue, cut it to 1 ½ tablespoons of Murphy’s Oil and fill the rest with water.”

If you want an all-natural solution or want to cut costs even more, pantry staples are the way to go. The go-to DIY solution of Cheryl Lane, cleaner for DeluxeMaid: a 1:1 mix of water and distilled white vinegar. “It’s cheap, you can make it anytime, and if there’s a little left, store it in a cool, dark place when not in use,” she suggests. (Click through for more cleaning uses for vinegar and dish soap).

An extra word of advice: if you’re creating your own solution, opt for distilled water, suggests Morales. The reason? Hard water is present in many cities around the US, and it usually contains minerals like calcium and magnesium. Over time, those elements can damage your floor, but you can the damage by using distilled water.

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Tips for power mop success

As useful as the power mop can be for revealing a sparkling floor, cleaning experts do caution there are some things to keep in mind to ensure it reaches its full cleaning potential.

First, while the DIY solutions can be cost-friendly, they may not be as compatible with the mop as the store-bought product. “Keep in mind that even if these alternatives can work, they can also clog the Swiffer nozzles over time,” advises Morales. “So proceed at your own risk.”

If you are worried about causing damage to the mop by adding your own solution, you can always consider an alternative brand. Morales says O’Cedar and Libman also offer mops with refillable bottles.

Another often costly element of the Swiffer Power Mop? The pads. Though they’re great at picking up grime, they also usually need to be replaced frequently.

The trick to getting as much out of them as possible: Sweep or vacuum the floor first, says Lane, so the pad won’t get so dirty too quickly. This will allow you to keep using it for multiple mopping sessions!

A broom sweeping a wood floor
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