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Guardian Angel Gives Expecting Mother Peace: “I Knew My Baby Would Be Okay!”

'Woman's World' reader Ruth Baker thought she was losing her baby — until, an angel's sign gave her comfort

For the last 20 years Woman’s World magazine has featured the weekly “My Guardian Angel” column, where real women share first-person accounts of their amazing encounters with Angels. Now, we are sharing those heartwarming stories of loving comfort, Heaven-sent helpers and miraculous rescues online with the mission of continuing to spread hope and light.

Here, Woman’s World reader Ruth Baker’s doctor told her there was nothing they could do to save her unborn baby. But God could — and did.

Ruth’s Guardian Angel story told in her own words:

My heart broke when, a couple of months into my pregnancy, I experienced a placental abruption — the placenta had a tear. Doctors in the ER said to expect a miscarriage within the next few days.

As my husband drove me home, I felt numb. I only knew that I would see my doctor the following Monday, and hoped maybe he could help me. During the three days until then, people prayed for me and my friend brought me pages of Scriptures. I studied them every day, and a transformation occurred. I now felt reassured that everything was going to be alright.

My Guardian Angel
My Guardian AngelGetty/minianne

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Even when my doctor echoed the ER doctor’s dire prognosis, I held to my belief that God would help me.

Over the next few months, I would return to my doctor. Each time, he would shake his head, shocked that all was going well. When my seventh-month ultrasound rolled around and I hadn’t miscarried, the doctor said I was at a point that they could take the baby out if it became necessary.

The night before, I was staring at the crib, and I saw little twinkling lights. It was like a pattern was being made. I peacefully fell asleep.
The next morning as we waited for the ultrasound, I spotted a book on the nurse’s desk. It was about angels. I filled with peace.

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As the ultrasound progressed, I observed those same twinkling lights. I didn’t understand, but I felt such tranquility. Amazingly, the doctor determined the pregnancy could continue.

Then, at my eighth-month ultrasound, I got even more amazing news. The tear in my placenta was completely closed!

My Guardian Angel - Ruth and her daughter after she gave birth
Ruth and her daughter after she gave birth

Finally, seven months to the day of my ER visit, we were in the delivery room. This was a pregnancy that was deemed to fail but then, a higher power handled this impossible case! Now 31 years later, my miracle is expecting a little miracle.

Ruth and her daughter after being saved by a guardian angel
Ruth and her daughter after being saved by a guardian angel

An Angel expert weighs in…

Angel expert, Sunny Dawn Johnston
Sunny Dawn Johnston

“Ruth’s story is a profound testament to faith, hope and the belief in divine intervention. Faced with a dire prognosis after a placental abruption, Ruth held to her belief that a higher power could change her situation. And miraculously, the tear in her placenta healed completely!” says Sunny Dawn Johnson, a global authority on the angelic realm, with a portfolio of 22 books, including popular titles such as Invoking the Archangels, The Love Never Ends, and 365 Days of Angel Prayers. “Ruth’s amazing recovery shows the power of our angels and the mysterious ways in which faith and spiritual intervention can manifest in our lives. Now, 31 years later, as her miracle prepares to welcome a new life, Ruth’s story continues to inspire hope and joy.” Read more of Sunny’s insightful stories here.

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A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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