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Drop 52 Pounds in 30 Days With This ‘Super-Treat’ Keto Plan


Want keto diet results without depriving yourself of carbs? America’s favorite weight-loss coach can make it happen. “I’ve discovered a hack that gives you keto’s fat-burning benefits but still lets you have foods like fruit, whole grains, chocolate and wine,” reveals Jorge Cruise, author of the new Cruise Control Diet ($16.80, Amazon). Proof it works: Cruise has thousands of Facebook followers testing the science-based strategy. “The average woman is losing a pound every 24 hours — and I’ve already seen losses of up to 12 pounds and five inches of belly fat a week,” he reports. “There’s no hunger, no cravings. You don’t have to exercise or restrict calories. People say they forget they’re on a diet — until they need smaller clothes!” 

To understand how Cruise’s new plan works, first you need a little backstory. “When you’re overweight, it almost always means you have too much insulin, a hormone that tells the body to store fat,” notes nutrition expert Jason Fung, MD, author of The Obesity Code ($12.88, Amazon)

Insulin is released to regulate blood sugar we make from carbs and large portions of protein. Trouble is, many of us constantly overload on these foods, causing our systems to malfunction. We wind up with chronically elevated insulin that locks us into burning sugar instead of fat, and it also quickly sends most blood sugar directly to fat cells. Luckily, says Dr. Fung, “Bringing insulin down means weight comes down automatically.” 

While a keto diet eliminates carbs to slash insulin, Cruise says, “It’s too extreme for a lot of us. That’s why my ‘fat cheat’ is key. It allows you to gently lower insulin and dip into ketosis — a state during which the body burns pure fat instead of sugar — without any struggle. And it’s actually better than keto at unleashing your metabolism!”

The Cruise Control Diet

“Research shows that as long as you’re eating 100 percent fat — with no carbs or protein mixed in — insulin stays down,” notes Cruise. So for 16 hours each day, Cruise Control dieters enjoy “super-treats” made almost entirely from fat, including creamy coffee drinks, homemade peppermint patties, macadamia nut butter. and even fudgy chocolate mousse. “These options are delicious and extremely satisfying, so it doesn’t feel like a diet at all,” explains Cruise, “Yet little or no insulin is being produced, so you enter a light state of ketosis. It’s what I call the ‘burn zone’ because you’re burning fat like crazy.” 

After you burn, you enter the “boost zone.” Choose the same eight-hour window each day — such as 11 am to 7 pm — during which you’ll eat traditional meals and snacks, adding plenty of metabolism-boosting protein, veggies, and moderate amounts of healthy carbs to your regimen. Yes, you do make some insulin, but not enough to slow your progress. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

“There is actually research that shows cutting carbs for too long slows your thyroid and metabolism. It’s a real problem for keto dieters,” Cruise warns. “The carbs you get on the cruise control diet keep your thyroid and metabolism humming. Healthy carbs also energize your brain and elevate your mood.” All this while the scale drops! The cruise control diet is new, but folks have already shed up to 52 pounds in 30 days! 

Cruise Control Diet Reviews

After reading excited posts on Facebook, Doris Beyer, 46, was game to try the cruise control diet, but worried it would leave her “hangry.” Then she started sampling fat bombs and other fat-rich treats. “It’s like the fat coats the inside of your stomach and leaves you calm and craving-free,” says the California hairstylist, who eats regular meals between 1 pm and 9 pm daily. Dropping up to a pound a day, she’s traded her size 18 for a 10. “This way of eating has done great things for my body!”

Bronwyn Minin, 47, agrees. Outside of her 11 am to 7 pm eating window, she sticks to fat only — including a decadent coffee made with whipping cream, coconut oil, and a sprinkling of pink Himalayan sea salt. “Before, I was always thinking about food,” recalls the New York life coach. “Now I barely think about it at all. My cravings are gone, my hunger is low, and my energy is fantastic. I’m down from a size 20 to a 12. This plan is so easy to follow, and the results are amazing!” 

Cruise Control Diet Meal Plan

To start, choose any eight-hour window that’s convenient for you — such as 11 am to 7 pm — during which you’ll eat most of your meals and snacks each day. During that window, enjoy two meals and two snacks; emphasize protein, non-starchy veggies, and healthy fat, but also allow yourself a couple servings of healthy carb-rich foods such as fruit, unprocessed starch, dark chocolate, or wine. During the remaining 16 hours each day — your “burn zone” — enjoy up to three servings of Cruise Control Coffee or any treat that gets almost 100 percent of its calories from fat. As always, get a doctor’s okay to try any new plan.

Burn Zone: Cruise Control Coffee — Whip 12 oz. coffee, 1 Tbs. grass-fed butter, 1 Tbs. MCT oil and a pinch of salt until frothy. Or choose any option that’s mostly fat, like one of the keto treat recipes below.

Lunch: Easy chicken platter — 1 palm-sized chicken breast, grilled or baked with seasoning to taste; enjoy with unlimited roasted green beans and side salad plus an optional 1⁄2 ear of corn on the cob.

Dinner: Fiesta shrimp platter — Brush 8 to 10 shrimp and unlimited veggies with olive oil; dust with fajita or taco seasoning and grill or sauté. Serve with an optional whole-wheat tortilla, salsa, Greek yogurt, and cilantro. 

Snack: Choose any two during your eating window — 1 oz. cheese; 2 oz. roasted chickpeas; 2 Tbs. nut butter; 4 oz. red wine; 1 oz. dark chocolate, or 6 chocolate-dipped berries.

Keto Treats

Eat healthy meals during an eight-hour window each day. During the remaining 16 hours, enjoy up to three servings of Cruise Control Coffee or any of these high-fat snacks: 

Ultra-Slimming Fudge Mousse — Whisk one 1.4-oz. pkg. sugar-free chocolate pudding mix with 2 cups heavy cream for 2 minutes. Chill 10 minutes. Makes 2 servings.

Fat-Melting Peppermint Patties — Mix 10 Tbs. melted coconut oil, 1 Tbs. zero-carb sweetener, and 1 tsp. peppermint extract. Pour half the mixture evenly into a candy mold; refrigerate. Add 2 Tbs. unsweetened cocoa to remaining mixture and pour evenly on top of white layer in mold. Freeze 3 hours. Makes 6 servings.

This article originally appeared in our print magazine.

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