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Memorial Day Crafts: 6 Patriotic and Festive Displays for Every Skill Level

Decorate your space with these easy-make red, white and blue accents


Whether you’re looking to add a bit of red, white and blue flair to your barbecue, honor America’s heroes or showcase your love for the country this Memorial Day, it’s easy to do so with homemade crafts. Wreaths, garland, planters and more become beautiful keepsakes with just a little DIY love. Below you’ll find six Memorial Day crafts that capture the patriotic spirit, making them perfect to display for the holiday. The best part? You can make them with the little ones in your life, creating lasting memories — and decor you can use year after year!

‘God Bless America’ Heart

Memorial Day crafts: "God Bless America" Heart
Woman’s World

“Display your heartfelt pride this Memorial Day — and all year long — with this patriotic door décor!” says Lauren BlumWoman’s World crafting and DIY editor.


  • 10″ wooden heart plaque
  • Gesso Primer
  • Multi-surface satin paint in blue, white and red
  • 1″ star stickers
  • Masking tape
  • Plaid FolkArt Stains Waterbase in Oak
  • Sandpaper
  • Alphabet stickers in black
  • Satin Finish paint
  • 2 eyelets
  • Floral wire
  • Wire snips
  • Red burlap ribbon, 2 1/2″ wide


Step 1: Prime the wooden heart plaque, then paint white. Let dry. With masking tape, mask off top left corner and place star stickers where desired. Paint masked off area blue.

Step 2: Starting at edge of blue corner, mask straight lines, creating stripes. Once tape is placed, paint area red. Let all painted areas dry completely, then remove star stickers and tape. Paint on a coat of stain, let dry for 30 seconds, then wipe off with a clean and dry paper towel

Step 3: Rough up the edges of heart with sandpaper for a rustic look. Lay out stickers to say “God Bless America.” Cover entire plaque with clear Satin Finish.

Step 4: Attach two eyelets to back of heart (ours were the kind you tap in with a hammer). Cut a piece of wire for the hanger, feed through eyelets and twist to secure. Top with burlap bow.

Stars-and-stripes planter

Memorial Day crafts: Planter
Woman’s World

Stack up red, white and blue pots for a patriotic planter that’s perfect for celebrating. “Pair up your planter with red and white blossoms for a totally patriotic look!” suggests Blum. (Click through for more fun planter ideas).


  • Clay pots; 1 each 6″, 8″ and 10″, and a 10″ saucer
  • Plaid® Clay Pot Sealer
  • 9 wooden craft stars 2 1/2″-3″
  • 9 (12″) dowels
  • Beacon Quick-Grip glue
  • Gesso Primer
  • Multi-Surface Satin Paint: dark blue, white and red
  • 2 sheets EK Success Sticko Colorful Star Sticker
  • Blue painter’s masking tape
  • Satin Finish paint
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Small clay pots, empty soup cans, small stones, broken bricks, etc.
  • Potting soil and plants


Step 1: Spray pots and saucer, inside and out, with Clay Pot Sealer. Glue a dowel to the back of each star. When dry, paint everything with Gesso Primer, then paint pots white.

Step 2: Place star stickers randomly on the 10″ pot and mask 1 1/2″ vertical stripes about 1 1/2″ apart on the 8″ pot’s rim, including the inside. Paint saucer, 10″ and 6″ pots Indigo, 8″ pot Habanero. When completely dry, remove tape and stars from pots (a straight pin helps). Paint 3 wooden stars and their dowels each color. Give everything a coat of Satin Finish using a soft bristle brush.

Step 3: The finished planter will be heavy, so assemble it in place. Set 10″ pot on saucer. Build up the bottom with stones, broken bricks, upside-down pots or cans, to raise the 8″
pot to the desired height. Push the pot to the back, then add potting soil to hold it in place. Build up the inside of the 8″ pot the same way, then add the 6″ pot. Set your plants in place, then poke the wooden stars among them.

Patriotic garland

Memorial Day crafts: patriotic garland
Woman’s World

Add a touch of red, white and blue to your backyard with this festive paper garland! It comes together in no time, and kids can join in on the fun too.


  • Red, white and blue papers
  • White acrylic paint
  • Glue stick
  • Assorted purchased glittery
    and metallic stars
  • Assorted sticky-back craft jewels
  • Ribbon


Step 1: For each lantern, cut red or blue paper 4 1/4″x8 1/2″, fold it in half lengthwise and press the crease. Cuts slits, about 1/2″ apart, from the fold to about 1/2″ from the edge.

Step 2: In the slit section of blue lanterns, paint every other strip white. When dry, add white fringe by gluing on 4″x8 1/2″ sheet of white paper across the bottom and cut it into many strips.

Step 3: Glue the lanterns’ short sides together, overlapping their edges about 1/2″. Cut 6″x1/2″ paper strips and glue them across the tops for handles. Decorate the lanterns with stars and jewels, then glue them to the ribbon, 4 1/2″ apart, alternating colors.

All-American birdhouses

Memorial Day crafts: All- American Birdhouses
Woman’s World

“Whether they’re actually used by birds or simply set out as fun decorations, these
patriotic weathered birdhouses will add charm to your yard,” says Blum.

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  • Wooden birdhouse
  • Craft paints in white, red and blue
  • Flat wooden stars about 1″ or 1 3/4″ across, such as Forster Woodsies
  • Small nail
  • Painter’s masking tape (optional)
  • Beacon Fabri-Tac glue
  • Medium sandpaper
  • Plaid FolkArt Matte Outdoor Sealer
  • 2 small screw eyes
  • Monofilament or strong cord


Step 1: Paint birdhouse and stars white. When dry, referring to photo or in your own design, add red and blue paints. For stripes, apply strips of masking tape then paint between them. For checks, with pencil, lightly draw a 1″ grid; paint alternate squares red. Their edges needn’t be precise.

Step 2: When paint is dry, glue on white stars. When glue is dry, use sandpaper to distress the birdhouse’s surfaces and edges, giving the piece the look of age. Finish with two coats of outdoor sealer, letting it dry between coats.

Step 3: About 1/2″ from each end of the roof peak, use a craft knife to cut a tiny notch. Hammer a small nail into the notch, making a pilot hole. Remove nail and insert screw eye. Hang with monofilament or cord.

Pretty paper wreath

Memorial Day crafts: Pretty paper wreath
Woman’s World

Want some red, white and blue Fourth of July spirit for your front door? “It couldn’t be easier to put together this simple  cupcake-wrapper wreath,” shares Blum. Note: If you’re hanging the wreath outside, make sure it’s in a sheltered spot. (Enjoy paper crafts? Click through for more ideas!)


  • Styrofoam wreath about 16″x2″
  • Red acrylic paint
  • 8″ stiff florist wire
  • Beacon Fabri-Tac glue
  • 14-16 assorted patterned red, white and blue standard size cupcake liners
  • 16-20 red and blue mini cupcake liners, some metallic
  • White lightweight cardboard such as railroad board
  • Blue, white and red glitter foam or large glitter stars
  • Large paper stars (may be cut from star-patterned paper)
  • Assorted red-and-white and blue-and-white patterned papers
  • Small scraps of thick corrugated cardboard or foam core


Step 1: Paint wreath’s sides. Make hanger: Fold wire in half. 2 1/2″ from fold, bend each side 90º. Bend up another 90º 1″ from ends. Apply glue to ends; insert into wreath’s inside edge. Side with wire is top back of wreath. Flatten cupcake liners. Cut a cardboard circle (4″ or 2 1/2″) to fit behind each; glue together. Using decorative scissors, cut a few 2″ paper circles; glue to small liners.

Step 2: Collect or cut 26-32 glittery or printed paper stars 1 1/2″-5″ across. Make 25-28 assorted rosettes. To do, glue small and large liners together, varying colors and designs (there will be extra small liners). Center each with a star.

Step 3: Make pleated borders for 5-7 rosettes. To do, cut patterned paper strips 1 1/2″ or 2″ wide. Piece together to make 16″ long. Accordion-fold 1/2″ pleats. Glue strip ends together; flatten; glue behind liners.

Step 4: Arrange rosettes on wreath, overlapping them and propping some up with scrap cardboard, to keep them all parallel to the wreath. Use small rosettes to fill in where needed. When satisfied with the look, glue in place.

American spirit straw hat

Memorial Day crafts: Straw Hat
Woman’s World

Our whimsical fish make the perfect warm-weather welcome for Memorial Day weekend. “Such a charming way to show off America’s favorite colors,” adds Blum.


  • 18″ craft store straw hat
  • Krylon primer, White
  • Plaid® FolkArt paints: Engine Red, Look-at-me Blue, Wicker White, Cobalt Blue
  • Beacon Fabri-Tac glue
  • 8″-1 1/2 yds. striped ribbon (hanger)
  • Plaid FolkArt paint, Medium Blue
  • FolkArt Extreme Glitter, Hologram and Royal Blue
  • 5 mm blue crystal
  • 1/4 yd. 2 1/2″ blue glitter wired ribbon


Step 1: Prime, paint and decorate referring to photo, mixing color with white for pastels. Hanger. Fold 8″ ribbon into an upside-down V; glue ends to hat at top back. Add a bow if you like.

Step 2: Cover fish with 1 1/2″ white stars. Paint Extreme Glitter over stripes.

Step 3: Fins. Cut 4″ of glitter ribbon diagonally. Fold 1/2″ under; glue to body at bottom. Cut 6 1/2″ of ribbon diagonally. Fold 1/2″ back; glue to body at top; adjust shapes. Add ribbon mouth, crystal eye.

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