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Who’s Wearing High Heels in This Confusing Optical Illusion?


We can’t resist a funny optical illusion around here, so when we heard about a new one taking over the internet, we just had to check it out. Let’s just say we were not disappointed in the least bit.

The optical illusion in question, posted by Instagram user @raphaperachi, at first appears to be a pretty ordinary image of a man and a woman hugging. One of them is sitting in a chair and the other one is standing up. But when you take a closer look, you’ll start to get super confused about who’s sitting and who’s standing — and who’s wearing what while doing so!

Sure, you might think that the man is wearing a rather nice blue shirt. But when your eyes move further down in the picture, you’ll also start to notice some white capris cuffed at the ankles, along with high heels. At this point, you might be wondering, ‘Is this man wearing heels, or is there something else going on here?’ Take a look at the photo for yourself below and see what you think.

If you’re still totally lost, you’re not the only one. Shortly after @raphaperachi shared this image, it got picked up on the social news website reddit and on Twitter, with thousands of people chiming in about who they thought was actually wearing the heels. But spend a few more moments examining the picture closely, and you’ll see that it was actually the woman wearing the heels (and yes, also the white capris) after all.

As Science Alert explains, the angle of the hug is the main reason why it’s so hard to tell the two people’s figures apart. The trick is to focus closely on the left half of the picture in order to clearly see the body of the man, who is actually wearing a red shirt (not the blue one). Then, it’ll be much easier to tell that the heels, capris, and blue shirt do indeed belong to the woman.

Alternatively, you can take a quick peek at one Twitter user’s very helpful visual distinction between the two.

We were almost fooled for a second there!

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