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What Your Favorite Pattern Reveals About Your Personality

Simply gazing at fractals — repeating patterns found in nature — not only melts stress, the ‘artwork’ that you’re drawn to also offers clues to how you think. Choose your favorite fractal to learn more!

Peacock feathers: You’re a complex, multifaceted ‘harmonizer.’

This pattern of ornate circles set like jewels against a more linear backdrop, represents a visual duality that appeals to your sharp mind. Just as the plumage brings a variety of shapes into one seamless whole, so too are you able to make sense out of different, even contradictory, ideas. Spirited and witty, you’re fast on your feet.

lightning storm
Getty Images

Lightning: You’re a creative go-getter.

Literal sparks of energy, these electric patterns are the most vital fractals in nature. Being drawn to this crackling dynamism hints at your spontaneity. And the everso- slight eye movements you make from side to side as you follow these jagged jolts light up both hemispheres of your brain, spurring creative thinking. Known for your original ideas, you have a lightning bolt of an imagination

Dahlia: You’re a perceptive dreamer.

In their tightly packed, overlapping petals, fl oral fractals represent a kind of intersection between nature and architecture. It makes perfect sense that so many visionary thinkers, from painters to engineers, have found inspiration in such “garden geometry.” Blooming with fresh insights, you’re as open-minded as you are methodical, and you often look to the natural world to help restore your spirits and inform your most out-of-the-box ideas.

spiral galaxy
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Spiral galaxy: You’re an enlightened thinker.

Like a whirlpool of watercolors, the outstretched arms of this cosmic marvel draw your eye toward a central, glowing focal point. Your subconscious preference for this gradual progression inward mirrors your curious, introspective nature. Indeed, you have almost as many “layers” as a spiral galaxy has swirls of stardust.

fern leaves
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Fern: You’re a problem-solver.

Symmetry isn’t just eye-pleasing, it’s an aesthetic form of logic, as our rational left brain craves visual order. The mirror image of this frond’s fractals (the filigreed tendrils on the left match those on the right) is an apt reflection of your balanced thinking. Levelheaded and detail-oriented, you’re an objective leader.

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