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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Numerology Compatibility Proves They Beat the Odds


From the beginning, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story has been one about overcoming the odds. Her status as an American divorcée caused a bit of controversy across the pond, with many wondering whether Meghan Markle could deal with the pressure of marrying a British royal. So far, Meghan has handled the situation with grace and elegance (perhaps her princess lessons are coming in handy), and Harry has been by her side every step of the way. All of this gives us hope that Meghan and Harry’s relationship can stand the test of time — a feat that would truly be surprising given their lukewarm compatibility, according to numerology.

What is numerology?

Numerology is often associated with astrology and other divination methods. The difference between numerology and astrology is that the former is the study of numbers and their effect on life events, while the latter is the study of planets and their movements, and how those influence our lives. In astrology, a person is assigned a zodiac sign based on when he or she was born. According to numerology, a person is given five core numbers that define their universal path: life path number, expression number, soul urge number, personality number, and birthday number. These five digits are all determined by some combination of a person’s birth name and birthday.

We’re going to focus on Harry and Meghan’s compatibility according to their life path number because that number is considered the most important in numerology. You should think of your life path number as a blueprint for your life, and understanding it will give you insight into your personality. The life path number is especially noteworthy because it’s calculated using the numbers in your birth date, which will never change and are specific to you.

What the Numbers Say About the Couple

Prince Harry, who was born Henry Charles Albert David (yes, Prince Harry’s real name is Henry) on September 15, 1984, has a life path number of one. That means he’s a natural-born leader, a hard worker, and a determined spirit with a passion for art. Ones need to be on top, and they won’t let anything stop them from attaining that status. People with life path one are critical of not only themselves but the people around them, and they don’t tolerate laziness. Perhaps most interesting for Harry is that ones are wellsuited for careers in the military or politics. (Prince Harry was in the military, and though royals cannot be political, the royal family essentially has its own set of politics.)

Rachel Meghan Markle — because Harry isn’t the only one going by a moniker different than his birth name — was born on August 4, 1981, and has a life path number of four. Fours are hardworking, analytical, serious, practical, grounded, and disciplined. If you know a four, count yourself lucky, because they are loyal friends. People with life path four have strong morals and a deep sense of right versus wrong.

On paper, Meghan and Harry might sound like a match. They’re both hard workers, and the practical and disciplined aspects of a four’s personality could be attractive to a success-seeking one. However, the royal couple’s compatibility isn’t obvious. A downside to a four’s disposition is the need for order and routine. This clashes with a one’s risk-taking tendencies, and can lead to conflict unless both sides learn to compromise. If a one and a four are willing to respect the other’s needs, the pair can have a successful union. However, the relationship can quickly disintegrate if both sides aren’t willing to make some concessions. Considering all the difficulties Meghan and Harry have already had to weather, we think they’ve found a lifestyle that works for them. We’d bet these lovebirds are in it for the long haul!

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