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We Know Queen Elizabeth Loves Her Dogs, But Why Have We Never Seen Her With a Cat?


From her beloved corgis and dorgis to Meghan Markle’s rescue beagle, Her Majesty sure loves dogs — but does Queen Elizabeth like cats? Come to think of it, we’ve never actually seen her with a feline friend. As it turns out, the queen is reportedly allergic to cats, and no, we’re not “kitten” you. 

Though the British monarch has never publicly discussed her supposed allergy to cats, it now makes so much sense that there aren’t any photos of the queen with cats. In contrast, there are dozens of photos of the pups walking in on Queen Elizabeth’s important meetings. When they were alive, it wasn’t uncommon for Queen Elizabeth’s corgis to have free rein of the house. 


(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

And if the queen has been allergic to cats since she was young, it makes sense that she would have formed such a strong bond to her dogs — they were the only pets she could have.

Wait, but how is the queen allergic to cats but not dogs — they both have fur, right? When it comes to pet allergies, it’s not the actual dog or cat that a person is allergic to, but rather proteins in the animal’s dander, saliva, or urine. 

Allergies can vary by animal, meaning someone can feel itchy and start sneezing in front of one cat but be totally fine with another kitty. If the queen is highly allergic to cats, it’s better that she not risk her health trying to find a cat that doesn’t make her break out in hives and just avoid all kitties in general. 

Fortunately for the queen, there’s still the possibility that she will “outgrow” her allergies. (Because who wouldn’t want to snuggle with something so cuddly?) Scientists don’t know why, but over time, allergies can disappear. The catch is that these outgrown sensitivities can come back.

Given how important the queen is, it’s for the best that she avoid felines. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have something warm and fuzzy to cuddle at night: We’re sure Queen Elizabeth’s dogs give her all the love she needs from sunup to sundown. 

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