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Diane Keaton, Kathy Bates and Eugene Levy Team up for ‘Summer Camp’ Movie! Its Plot, Trailer and More

The iconic actors are teaming up for a summer of fun in this feel-good comedy


We’ve all heard of high school and college reunions, but how about a 50-year summer camp reunion? In the new movie Summer Camp, an all-star cast leads a story of childhood best friends who used to spend every summer together at sleepaway camp. Nora (Diane Keaton), Ginny (Kathy Bates) and Mary (Alfre Woodard) reunite after going their separate ways, and are greeted by yet another iconic actor, Eugene Levy. Keep scrolling for more about the Summer Camp plot, trailer and more. 

What is the new movie ‘Summer Camp’ about?

When Nora, Ginny and Mary return to the place where they were once inseparable, they find that things have changed over the 40-some-odd years for which they have rarely spoken. Nora is a widow who has become something of a workaholic, and she’s hesitant to hand over her technology for the summer and forget about work for a while. Similarly, Mary is a busy emergency room nurse who chronically puts other people ahead of herself and is in an unhappy marriage. 

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While Ginny has made a career as a self-help guru, it eventually comes to light that she doesn’t really have everything together, but she is the most excited to be back with her old pals. Unlike some, she’s  ready to embrace her inner child and works  to convince her old bunkmates to be in the moment and make the most of their time together. And, when the old camp bad boy Stevie D. (Levy) and Tommy (Dennis Haysbert) also return to their old stomping grounds, friendships — and maybe even romantic sparks — blossom between Stevie and Nora, as well as Mary and Tommy. 

Watch the ‘Summer Camp’ trailer 

In the trailer for the film directed and written by Castille Landon, Academy Award winners Keaton, Bates, Academy Award nominee Woodard and Emmy winner  Levy team up to prove that being in your golden years doesn’t mean you always have to act like the perfect grown-up. Watch the group return to Camp Pinnacle and to their youth as they go water rafting, horseback riding, ziplining and even accidentally incite a food fight in the Summer Camp trailer!

The best of the iconic actors who make up the ‘Summer Camp’ cast

The most appealing part of Summer Camp is undoubtedly the star-studded main ensemble. Here are some of our favorite movies and TV shows the actors have starred in. 

  • Kathy Bates 

Where to begin? One of Bates’ more memorable characters is actually one that wouldn’t be considered a main player. She portrayed socialite Margaret (Molly) Brown in the classic Titanic, and brought an incredible empathy to a group of characters that was otherwise relatively villainous. In Fried Green Tomatoes, Bates showcased her emotional depth as an actress in the role of Evelyn Couch, who becomes inspired by a friendship she builds with an elderly woman in a nursing home. We’d be remiss not to mention her Oscar-winning performance in the seminal thriller Misery, in which she starred as Annie Wilkes, an obsessive and dangerous fan of a popular author Paul Sheldon. 

Keaton earned her Academy Award for her titular role in the Woody Allen romance Annie Hall, which is not only her most revered, but also one of her most memorable roles. She also played a key role in The Godfather franchise. Especially in the second film, Keaton successfully delivered a fitting performance for a character in a very complex relationship. More recently, she voiced the mother of a young Dory in the Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory. In fact, her co-star was once again Levy who lent his voice to Dory’s father! 

  • Alfre Woodard 

Woodard was nominated for an Oscar for her genuine and meaningful portrayal of Beatrice (GeeChee) in 1983’s Cross Creek. She delivered another layered and moving performance in Passion Fish as Chantelle Blades, a caregiver who forms a reciprocal life-changing relationship with a jaded, paralyzed former actress. Woodard and Bates also starred together in the thought-provoking The Family That Preys Together, where they played lifelong friends from different social classes whose interconnected familial drama threatens to ruin their relationship. 

  • Eugene Levy 

In addition to his role as patriarch Johnny Rose in the beloved comedy series Schitt’s Creek, Levy brought the laughs as a caricature-like scientist in romantic fantasy Splash, competitive dog owner Gerry Fleck in the mockumentary comedy Best in Show, and Dr. Allan Pearl, a dentist recruited to perform in a local musical production in Waiting for Guffman.

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