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5 Natural Tips for Brighter Teeth and Healthier Gums


We know that dental health is key for overall health, and new findings make it more important than ever: UCLA researchers report curing gum disease decreases dementia risk by as much as 39 percent. Here, the natural solutions that combat disease-causing oral bacteria.

Floss with water.

Flossing dislodges debris between teeth to prevent 38 percent of the bleeding gums that allow disease-causing bacteria into the bloodstream. If you’re one of the 60 percent of Americans who avoid floss, consider a water flosser. Studies show the devices are 33 percent more effective at eliminating bleeding than string floss.

Dry brush.

Using a dry toothbrush cuts plaque buildup by 63 percent and reduces gum bleeding by 55 percent, according to one study. To do: Use a dry brush for one minute, then brush with toothpaste for another minute.

Pick a better paste.

Many brands of toothpaste on drugstore shelves contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a surface cleaner that inhibits saliva production. That’s a problem since lack of saliva can make the mouth a breeding ground for the bacteria that increase disease risk. Instead, optfor a paste made with xylitol, a sweetener that enhances saliva production and has been shown to decrease the risk of tooth decay by 60 percent. One to try: Schmidt’s Activated Charcoal paste ($4.97, Walmart).

Swish with this. 

Commercial mouthwashes contain alcohol, which allows bad-acting bacteria to thrive. A better bet: swishing with a DIY rinse made from 3 Tbsp. of food-grade aloe vera juice, 3 Tbsp. of water, and a drop of peppermint oil. One study found that an aloe rinse reduces plaque and boosts gum health as effectively as drugstore mouthwash — without the harsh ingredients.

Enjoy this healthy treat.

Enjoying a cup of fresh or frozen pineapple daily eases gum bleeding in as little as 30 days. Credit goes to bromelain, an enzyme that helps heal gum tissues.

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