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4 Easy Ways to Feel Younger Every Day


A study of 17,000 people age 50 and over found that many feel youthful, energetic, and clearheaded — and that’s good news because research shows that having a young outlook slows cellular aging and boosts the immune system, cutting our risk of major illnesses. To tap into your youthful energy…

Peel an orange every day.

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but an orange a day will do an even better job, helping you feel five years younger, stronger, and more energetic, often in as little as two weeks. That’s the word from Stanford University researchers, who say oranges are brimming with plant compounds (flavonoids) that speed your liver’s breakdown of tissue-aging toxins, plus prod your brain to make energizing hormones like dopamine and norepinephrine.

Visit your farmers market.

Regularly checking out local farmers markets, free outdoor concerts, public gardens, and more can help you feel 55 percent younger day-to-day, plus cut your risk of dementia and other chronic ills by 46 percent. Explains neurologist Jenna Najar, MD, combining gentle exercise with mental stimulation keeps your central nervous system energized and your immune cells strong.

Combine healthy fats.

You may know that “good” fats in fish oil (EPA and DHA) cut your risk of heart disease, stroke and dementia. Now University of Connecticut researchers say taking 1,200 mg. of EPA and DHA daily could help you feel 38 percent more energetic and limber too! Explains neurosurgeon Joseph C. Maroon, MD, these fats block the formation of tissue-aging inflammation Try: Life Extension Mega EPA/DHA ( Note: Check with a doctor before supplementing.

Giggle over cat videos.

Spending two hours weekly messaging upbeat pals or laughing at funny cat videos could help you feel up to seven years younger, sharper and more peppy, report researchers in The Journals of Gerontology. Turns out, high-tech giggles stimulate the release of a hormone that energizes your nervous system and fuels the growth of healthy new brain neurons. 

This story originally appeared in our print magazine.

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