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You’re Going About Your Beauty Routine All Wrong! 5 Tips for Limp Hair, Eye Circles, and More

We love the techniques we’ve relied on to solve beauty bothers over the years, but none are without their drawbacks. To the rescue: easy, affordable — some even free! — beauty tips. Make these improvements to your anti-aging repertoire to boost the beautifying results.

Swap a face scrub for a massage.

The old technique: A face scrub. It removes skin-dulling impurities, but results fade fast. A scrub doesn’t get to the root of the problem, which is slowed circulation. So, do a face massage instead!

The technique: A massage increases circulation and blood flow to skin’s surface for a glow that lasts. Simply apply moisturizer, then starting at the center of the chin, sweep fingers in circular motions along the jawline, up to the cheeks, under the eyes, out to the ears, then along the forehead. Massage each area for one minute.

Revive limp locks by conditioning before washing.

The old technique: All of us have been taught to spritz dry shampoo onto hair at the roots, because it absorbs volume-sapping excess oil. However, overuse can lead to buildup that weighs hair down, so locks end up looking lifeless instead. 

The tweak: When washing hair, condition it before shampooing. This way, hair gets the hydration it needs, but then shampoo rinses away any excess conditioning oils so strands won’t fall flat. As an added bonus, conditioner leaves a barrier over hair that shields it from the brittleness caused by shampoo’s detergents.

Conceal dark circles with a different application method.

The old technique: Dotting concealer under your eyes only. This traditional beauty tip covers shadows, but it can also lighten the skin too much, drawing more unflattering attention to the area.

The tweak: Applying concealer in a shape that resembles a pair of glasses by making a circle around each eye, a line over the bridge of the nose, and a diagonal line from the “lenses” toward the temple on each side. Then, blend well with a makeup sponge. This creates a halo of brightness around the entire eye that helps shadows recede. Plus, it “pulls” eyes up for a lifted look. (Also, some women swear by this unique hack for eye circles.)

Soften dry, cracked heels without buffing.

The old technique: Buffing away hard heel skin with a pumice stone. The problem? The abrasive tool can irritate skin and worsen painful cracks.

The tweak: Using chemical exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids and urea, which work together to break down the glue-like structures that hold dead, dry skin cells together without the need for harsh scrubbing. Simply slip on a pair of booties infused with the ingredients, like Dr. Scholl’s Exfoliating Foot Mask (Buy from Amazon, $8.97 for three pairs), and wait for the magic to happen.

Nix rough patches by applying lotion at a different time.

The old technique: Applying lotion when skin is dry, not wet. It hydrates the top layer, but does little for the dry ones underneath.

The tweak: Hydrate your skin in the shower with a body conditioner, like Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioner with Shea Butter (Buy from Walmart, $5.97). Using on wet skin while pores are open helps moisturizing ingredients deeply penetrate skin.

Bonus Beauty Tips: 3 Tried and True Products That Work Wonders

To gently remove makeup: Unlike skin-stripping cleansers, Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser (Buy from Walmart, $5.98) is comprised of 50 percent moisturizer, so it gently removes makeup while also infusing skin with needed hydration.

For a stay-put hairstyle: L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray (Buy from Walmart, $25.65) stands the test of time, thanks to its ultra-fine mist. It protects a pretty ’do, and its argan oil leaves hair shiny.

For full, long lashes: Originally introduced in 1915, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (Buy from Walmart, $5.48) remains the gold standard. It thickens and defines even the sparsest of lashes, sans clumping.

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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