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This Vision Board Trick Will Help Ensure 2024 Is Your Best Year Ever — Pro Tips Make It Easy

Plus, the best spot to display your vision board to make your dreams easier to achieve!

Setting up resolutions is a common way to see progress in your life, but it can be hard to keep up with them as time passes. If you’re looking to truly spark inspiration and manifest positive change in your life, a vision board may be the answer! These collages features meaningful visuals to help you achieve your goals, and because you can see the potential results right in front of you, it can be a great motivator! Below, you’ll find inspirational vision board ideas and the secrets to how these boards can make your dreams a reality.

What is a vision board? 

“Vision boards usually consist of meaningful images, words and things that inspire you related to your goals,” says Carrie Lindsey, author of Make Anything Happen: A Creative Guide to Vision Boards, Goal Setting, and Achieving the Life of Your Dreams. “But vision boards don’t have to be elaborate pieces of art — it’s the intention you put into it that matters.”

The secret is putting images on a corkboard or poster that you have easy access to whenever you want to look at it. “The visuals allow you to connect emotion and feelings to those dreams in a way nothing else does,” says Sarah Centrella, author of #Futureboards.

The practice of making a vision board is based on the “law of attraction, which suggests that whatever we focus on, we attract into our lives. Therefore, when we have positive thoughts, we attract positive things, people and experiences, and vice versa with negative thoughts.

Creating a vision board helps you focus on what you do want to attract into your life, instead of attracting what you don’t. 

Vision board ideas: What to include


There’s no wrong way to do a vision board! Still, you may be a bit overwhelmed not knowing where to start. What can help: Choose images that represent different elements in your life you’d like to manifest. Centrella shares the five categories she has her clients include on their vision boards:

  • Relationships: This encompasses the people you’d like to see in your life. This could be a new love, friends or business partners or simply spending more time with people already in your life.
  • Career and/or ambitions: Ask yourself what you’d like to achieve in your job or your professional endeavors. If your goal is to travel more, for example, you could select a picture of a beautiful landscape — or several.
  • Mind and body: You may have certain goals about how you’ll look, what your diet will be or an activity you’d like to take part in. “On the mind side, that’s where I put how I de-stress or how I grow — so meditation or reading,” explains Centrella.
  • Wealth and abundance: This is where you consider what you would do if money were no object. (Experiences are ideal here, but even a long-desired material splurge could work!)
  • Passions and joys: “Ask what makes you happy?” says Centrella. “What do you do just for fun? And that can be really anything under the sun: gardening, riding horses or cooking.”

Looking for other fun ideas to include? Lindsey suggests thinking about your desires for family bonding, health goals and travel dreams.

Where to find vision board inspiration

When you’re ready to bring your vision board to life, you can start collecting the visuals from just about anything! Magazines are a great place to start, but you can also search the Internet for photos that spark your interest and inspire you. Your own photo collection, sketches, postcards and artwork are other sources of inspiration.

One of Centrella’s favorite tools for creating your board is Pinterest! If you’re looking for a photo of a hobby you’d like to start, simply type that into the Pinterest search engine and add the word “photography.” “I’m going to get thousands of gorgeous pictures of that exact thing, so I’ll be able to find the one that matches what I was already thinking about,” she explains.

Quotes are a popular element to include on vision boards, particularly if they convey a message you really resonate or a motto you’d like to live by. These sayings can spark inspiration, but some people focus solely on images to make it a true “vision” board.

Another idea for the photos you choose: Select images that have people in them. “When I look at my board, it looks like a prediction of my future photo album,“ says Centrella. It also makes it easier to imagine yourself in these positive situations you’re trying to manifest for yourself!

Where to display a vision board

Once you’ve assembled all of the elements on your board, it’s time to display it! This could be in a home office, bedroom or even the entryway of your home. The key is to hang it in a spot where you’re sure to see it. Says Centrella, “The more you see it, the more you begin living it!

If you’re tight on wall space, consider a digital board instead. Create it for free on a website like Canva, then save it as wallpaper on your phone so you see it often! Plus, you’ll have it to look at whenever you’re on the go.

When to tweak your board

Vision board experts recommend creating — or updating — a board at the start of a new year to really inspire you, but they also encourage making adjustments to it as needed. In fact, updating your board often can help ensure success.  “If your board is no longer the best representation of your goals, update it!” says Mia Fox, who writes about vision boards and fulfilling your dreams at Self Made Ladies. “You change, life changes and your goals change!”

There’s absolutely no shame in making changes to your board, especially when you no longer connect to the images you have displayed. “If you feel like it needs to be freshened up, it’s okay to remove things that no longer resonate with you or add things that feel important to you now,” adds Lindsey.

Adopting a daily practice of looking at your vision board will ensure you stay in tune with your goals and desires so you can manifest the change you truly want in your life.

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