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How to Create a Vision Board to Manifest Your Goals in 2020


What do you want to achieve in 2020? This is probably a question you’ve been asking yourself as we approach the new year and the beginning of a new decade. If you’ve got some ideas in your mind, that’s great. However, it’s not always enough to just think about our goals, and that’s why each year, I make a vision board. 

The practice of making a vision board is based on the “law of attraction.” If you haven’t already heard of it, here’s the gist: The law of attraction suggests that whatever we focus on, we attract into our lives. It’s said that each thought we have attracts the like. Therefore, when we have positive thoughts, we attract positive things, people, and experiences, and vice versa with negative thoughts. If this is new to you, don’t get scared. 

When I first heard this idea, I immediately began to think about how negative my thoughts were, how I would worry and expect the worst outcome in so many situations. The good news is, the law of attraction maintains that the pull of positive thoughts is stronger than that of negative ones. As long as you start to shift your mindset even just a little, you’re making progress. Creating a vision board, then, helps you focus on what you do want to attract into your life, instead of attracting what you don’t. 

A vision board is a tool that helps you keep the images of what you want in your mind. It’s said that the more you practice visualization, meaning the more you can create an actual mental picture of what you want and associate a positive feeling with it, the more likely you are to achieve it in your life. Think about it: Has anyone you know ever really gotten what they wanted without focusing on it, or by focusing only on the setbacks or negatives? Whether or not you believe in the law of attraction, it seems to make sense that in order to achieve goals, clarity and focus can only help! 

Luckily, making a vision board is simple. All you need is a board (a cork board or poster board from the craft store will do), some scissors, a few magazines, pushpins or a glue stick, and your inspiration. Below are some suggestions for making your vision board.

Tip #1: Start by figuring out what you want.

This might seem like the easy part, but my advice would be to focus on just a few things, perhaps three to five that you really want to improve or change. Remember, each goal will consume your time, space, and energy. Giving away too much to too many things will spread your energy too thin and you could end up getting overwhelmed. My list for this year includes only three things: focusing more on my health and wellness, being more present in my relationships, and starting a business.

You also want to think about how these things will make you feel. Do you want to feel more loved? More financially secure? Knowing how you want to feel will help you choose the right elements for your board, which brings me to my next point.

Tip #2: Find images, words, and phrases that reflect your goals.

Flip through magazines and Pinterest boards for things that help you visualize those goals, and cut and print away! For example, if your goal is to have a bigger house, search through some home listings online or go through magazines and clip a picture of what looks like your dream home. 

You also want to be sure the images you select elicit positive feelings. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, a picture of a model might not exactly help to get you in the right frame of mind, as it might discourage you or make you feel ashamed. Instead, try something like a healthy plate of vibrant fresh foods, or perhaps the word “strong” or “healthy” or “beautiful.” 

Always a good option: Choose a happy picture of yourself for the center of your board!

Tip #3: Keep it simple.

Even when you’ve decided on just a few goals, the temptation can arise to clip hundreds of photos and words and quotes — but don’t overdo it. Once you’ve chosen your elements and you’re ready to adhere them to your board, keep it neat with some space between your items. You want your brain to be able to process each image and word when you look at your board. Not to mention, a chaotic vision board might attract chaos into your life! With that in mind, make sure your board elicits a feeling of joy and peace, not anything stressful or overwhelming. 

Once you make your vision board, the last part is simple: Spend a few minutes a day, either in the morning when you first wake up or just before bed (it’s said that the mind is most susceptible to new ideas during these times) to stare at your vision board and allow yourself to believe that things you’re looking at are already yours. This part is crucial: Imagine you already have the things on your board, then close your eyes and live in that space. It might seem silly, but this can be an incredibly powerful practice that will uplift your spirit, even if you haven’t reached the goal yet.

If you follow these tips, you will see how creating a vision board can help you hone your focus to manifest change and invite abundance into your life. Since most of our thoughts are recycled from the past, a practice like taking a few minutes to look at your vision board can open up the door of opportunity. When you take the time to practice believing in yourself and your vision, who knows what life will bring you?

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