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5 Simple Ways to Reverse the Clock and Feel Years Younger


Getting older may sometimes feel like a drag, but there are some fun and relaxing things you can do to help turn back the clock on aches, hearing loss, thinning hair, and more. Stay healthy and happy with these comforting remedies that that make you look and feel younger!

Ease aches with a creamy latte.

When your stiff knees or creaky joints to flare up, take a moment to relax with a hot drink: Simply warm a mug of 8 ounces of coconut milk, then stir in 1⁄4 teaspoon each of cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric. A Stanford University study found that this tasty brew can cut even chronic aches by 63 percent, delivering better results than aspirin or ibuprofen. Thanks goes to the spices’ pain killing anti-inflammatory compounds and to plant fats found in coconut milk that boost the healing of strained muscles, tendons and tissues.

Sharpen hearing by listening for the guitar.

A fun game that ensures you’ll never miss a word: Switch on some tunes and try to home in on the lead guitar or recognize when the piano comes in. Northwestern University scientists found exercises like this improved participants’ hearing by up to 65 percent. They strengthen the brain’s ability to process what you hear, allowing you to tune into important sounds and filter out background noise.

Think faster with wine and cheese.

Sprinkling parmesan over pasta and pouring yourself a glass of wine is a tasty way to feel younger and boost your brain power! A new 10-year Iowa State University study found it’ll keep your thinking sharp as you age. When scientists analyzed the diets of folks over 50, then measured their ability to think on the fly, those who enjoyed any amount of wine and cheese daily scored 27 percent higher on problem-solving exercises than those who never indulged. Researchers suggest unique compounds in cheese lower harmful inflammation in the brain, while wine improves nourishing blood flow to ward off mental blips.

Halt hair loss with a rosemary massage.

When levels of the scalp-nourishing hormone estrogen dip, it contributes to thinning hair for 66 percent of women. The fix: Mix 5 drops of rosemary essential oil into 1 ounce of almond oil, then massage into your scalp for 3 minutes before shampooing it out. The herb’s nutrients nourish damaged follicles and boost blood flow, and research in SKINmed found it’s as effective at combatting hair loss as the drug minoxidil!

Nix muscle loss with protein this way.

To dodge the muscle loss that affects women by age 60, divide your protein intake throughout the day. A study in Nutrients found that getting 30 percent of your calories at each meal from protein-rich foods like eggs and chicken provides a constant source of fuel to build metabolism-revving muscle tissue. This way you can not only feel younger but feel stronger as well.

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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